Boiler Room “reco scene” Vin Diesel Closing the Sale

Boiler Room

Boiler Room scene “Reco” with Vin Diesel Closing the sale. Copyright Warner Bros. Entertainment Boiler Room is a 2000 American crime drama film written and d…

wolf sales pitch

Wolf of Wall Street Sales Pitch.

49 thoughts on “Boiler Room “reco scene” Vin Diesel Closing the Sale

  1. Iain Thomson

    What a load of nonsense. Nowhere in this pitch does Vinny specify price
    p/share and this idiot agrees to buy. And plus, just because your trading
    floor is busy doesn’t mean they’re selling stock, they could be all people
    trying to unload their shares.

  2. Tim Coe

    I love the scene when they’re all recounting the Wall Street scene, where
    Bud fox meeting Gordon Gekko for the very first time, word for word whilst
    watching it.

  3. JOHN Bessler

    Watching the Boiler Room (2000) and this scene with Vin Diesel and Giovanni
    Ribisi who are super sharp stockbrokers using Jordan Belfort’s
    Straight-Line Persuasion sales psychology on a Mid-Western doctor who
    purchases the max. J. T. Marlon is based on Stratton-Oakmount and Tom
    Everett Scott playing the Jordan Belfort character played by Leonardo
    DiCaprio and Ben Affleck the number 2 man played by Jonah Hill in WOW.
    However the top guys aren’t the main characters instead its Vin Diesel,
    Giovanni Ribisi and Micky Katz, along with Nia Long.

  4. Tipping The Sales

    Not sure about the division of ‘openers’ and ‘closers’ – on the one hand
    the style of the closer could be at odds with the opener who was doing
    well, thus alienating the prospect at the last hurdle (even if he was
    good). On the other hand, the sense the prospect would get of a TEAM would
    be conducive to feeling more at ease… hmmm. +Tipping The Sales 

  5. jf bob

    Glenn Gary Glenn Ross did it better, Wolf of Wall Street did it better,
    Wall Street did it better lol this movie was ass

  6. JOHN Bessler

    Just watched this scene in the Boiler Room which is based on a Stratton
    Oakmont (Jordan Belfort and Danny’s company) who are not the major
    characters and was a sales training tool for a Mortgage Banker/Broker I
    worked for in Fall 2001 as a telemarketing loan officer. Vin Diesel in real
    life had worked as as a salesman in a boiler room which makes for a
    believable close on selling stock to a mid-western doctor.

  7. Kamil Faliński

    Zajebista Scena Sprzedażowa – bardzo motywująca
    Polecam jeżeli ktoś potrzebuje inspiracji a motywacja to KASA

  8. Sean Diaz

    Don’t you just love the feeling at the end of a Sale!?

    We have an opening for a Sales Professional!

    Leads provided: Hot, warm and cold.
    High commission & profit sharing paid and can transition to salary.

    We are located in Valencia CA near Magic Mountain.

    Please call me if interested.
    (800) 644-7721

  9. David Headley

    It’s the Take-Away/T.O.: “I got a million calls to make to a million other
    doctors…” A second voice …It never fails!! I’ve seen this clip and
    lived this scenario many times in my life. Love it!!

  10. JOHN Bessler

    Vin Diesel and Giovanni Ribisi give great performances as telemarketing
    stockbrokers closing a wealthy doctor in the Mid-West. Vin Diesel had
    actually worked in a boiler room as I did for mortgages, home improvements,
    accounting and insurance services I made several calls a week but not
    making the money of these guys.

  11. Terastas

    This scene is so awesome, I’ve actually won money on more than one occasion
    by betting people I can convince them that Vin Diesel is a great actor.

    Thank you, mainstream media, for letting this movie get criminally

  12. Emiliano Delgado

    i just watched the movie. it was good. everytime i heard a deal or
    conversation that i found interesting. i kept saying to use his words “Done
    and Done”.

  13. FlamingBlade5723

    I’ve never seen the movie so im just guessing were they stealing money from
    people or what

  14. Antwann Lyles

    I’m going to have a beer hahaha……………..this is fun…………..

  15. belle nana

    Please tell me what he said the phrase after”consistently make you money”.
    I suppose to that”self your enough?”, but I don’t have confidence about
    listening these word.

  16. Harry Mann

    This scene confirms my suspicions: If the guy started out selling ice cream
    on the beach at 700% mark up, buying the stuff for 7 cents and selling it
    for 70 cents to one dollar, and he’s walking around sweating his balls off
    to serve people who are relaxing with their friends and girlfriends, and he
    works his way up to selling lobster and steak door to door, which must be a
    bit humiliating, and all the while he wants the money these other people
    have, so he starts selling stock, the more worthless the better as far as
    he is concerned, owing to the commissions he anticipates earning, then it
    is a given that he is feeling contempt while trying to separate people from
    their money, some would call it malicious envy, clearly he wanted
    everything they have and more.

  17. SuperAZCardsfan

    For me the best part of this clip is when the guy on the phone says, “you
    sound like a pretty sincere guy” and the guys in the background start
    busting up laughing.


  18. Chris Wamble

    Crazy part is.. this works. I’ve used it in my job and its amazing the
    results that I’ve seen since this movie has come out. I’m making more
    money than ever before.. amazing!!!

  19. Natsume Natsume

    It looks easy in this movie, but having worked in sales in Britain, I
    really cannot say this would work. Dunno if it works in America, I’ve sold
    audio visual materials to Americans and they seem much more more receptive,
    but the British are fucking cynical. The second they know you’re selling
    them something, they shut down. Perhaps being a sales “consultant” is much
    more effective than a sales “man”?

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