Rob Kirby-Physical Gold and Silver Contracts Default in 2014

When does the paper manipulation and price takedown in the gold and silver markets end? Rob Kirby of says, “I still think we see major dis…
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24 thoughts on “Rob Kirby-Physical Gold and Silver Contracts Default in 2014

  1. Mohamed Ender

    US Government needs Silver, why can’t anyone understand, because of the new
    technology that the Military found in Silver we are going to see it labeled
    as a Strategic metal just like how we saw Beryllium go from metal to
    strategic back a few years ago. Yes its all about Silver…… People
    should understand without Silver there will be no food on your tables no
    Technology No rain no new drugs and no new advances in medical. the list
    goes on. Silver will be under the US Government labeled soon as a Strategic
    metal. with all this so called global warming going on, and how the earth
    is becoming harder to fertilize to grow crop and what not. so much info so
    much about new things coming out from Edward Snowden on Silver metal and
    how the US government was planing to place Silver as a Strategic metal.

  2. Allan Gibson

    Anyone not awake at this point is going to have a date with natural
    selection sad but you just can’t change some people’s perception

  3. dynoplasm

    TPTB want metal prices to fall in exact sync with the physical inventory,
    so that they will only be liable for a paper exchange value of 33 cents.
    Brilliant !!

  4. Linda Kordich

    Greg, another great interview. You always anticipate what your listener is
    asking….a sign of a true pro. I really enjoy listening to your channel
    and always recommend you to friends, acquaintances and family. God Bless
    you and your family.

  5. RK Jorgensen

    Great interview Greg. Rob gets straight to the point, no beating round the
    bush. We are in for a complete meltdown of western civilization. Prepare

  6. Domo

    Hi Greg. What a surprise! I didn’t realize you’d be on the radio but I am
    listening to you right now on Coast to Coast in LA! 

  7. Roger Thunderhands Gilbert

    I will say any friggin thing I want anytime I want! I Don’t care what they
    do and I quit caring a long time ago. They don’t scare me,,I don’t buy into
    FEAR! Cameron is a nut job, and a famous author called him on it by going
    to Scotland yard and trying to turn himself in. He told them, “Cameron says
    I am a terrorist so I thought I better turn myself in” and Scotland yard
    refused to arrest him. Laughs! I don’t care about their gestapo homeland
    security laws or any of their BS! We are all WARRIORS or should be! Do
    warriors flinch in battle? Either the enemy wins through fear or they
    don’t! There won’t be any ONE big world order,,there never has been world
    order in the history of the world and there never will be. All of their
    machinations will blow up in their faces,,just like Iraq and 9/11 are
    exposed as lies. The western civilizations will fall and the east will
    stay the course and maybe gain new converts! Putin,,the Leaders in
    China..will not succumb to western philosophy or ideology because they have
    a ancient culture which america doesn’t! Excepting the original Indigenous
    people of this land, the rest are Johnny come latlelys. America is a land
    of refugees and immigrants! As someone who follows the indigenous ways and
    Taoist thought, I will applaud the day the civilized west falls on it’s
    face! I wouldn’t care if Russia landed on our shores and took over! It
    would probably save countless lives,,because unlike us they do have money
    to back their currency. Russia came from the Nordic people (Vikings) and
    have always been strong. They have the biggest nation or land mass, the
    most gold and oil and in my mind the shrewdest or coolest minds!
    Nope,,since my people lost this land I could care less about the
    interlopers and thieves that took over. I never said the pledge of
    allegiance in school or did I salute the flag and got into many a physical
    fight over my stance! So do you think I care for one minute about the so
    called “Powers to be” ,,,They are not my powers, and if they killed me or
    threw me in some jail or camp or federal prison,,then they still haven’t
    won anything. They can’t take your soul! In the art of tsoi li ho fut
    hung,, a brutal martial art that I have practiced for a long time,,there is
    a saying,,they can take my life, but not my confidence! If more people just
    said screw’em they would have no power. They have no power other then what
    you give them! Civilizations fall, history repeats it’s self and nobody
    ever learns from it. If something goes wrong now then it will be a million
    times worse because of the connectivity of mankind (nations) or the lack of
    self- dependence! I believe that something has already gone wrong behind
    the scenes! The dye has been cast, the game is over. Now we will see who
    wipes the chessboard clean, or how it all plays out!

  8. brian menendez

    Greg u forget to add the parameter of cutting off demand of precious metals
    by cutting off the source of demand which is the 7 billion people on earth.

    A massive elimination of the population will squash demand and thus keep
    precious metal prices down

  9. cooperbry

    People have been calling for the dooms day scenario for a long time now.
    It may happen, but, it may not. As long as people will accept payoffs in
    US currency for their Gold and Silver contracts, there is no default. As
    long as the prices are manipulated, I’ll buy physical because the
    manipulators are trying to swim up a waterfall given the world glut of fiat
    paper. Eventually, the market will win the day and physical gold and
    silver will not be available at any price or priced in US currency it will
    be ridiculous. However, the physical holders of gold and silver will one
    day be wealthy. Not sure when that will happen, I think it took Rome about
    252 years to fully collapse.

  10. Ethercruiser1

    I believe Rob Rirby is on target, but since the markets are manipulated,
    it’s hard to guess when TPTB will lose control of the manipulations. I’m
    closely looking at the Shanghai Silver Exchange to see what happens when
    their physical silver reserve there hits zero, which is likely to happen
    before the end of the year if the buyers on that exchange continue to
    demand delivery.

  11. Kam White

    So why dont these people that Kirby says are having a harder time buying
    silver and gold, well why dont thhey just order from apmex or jmbullion?
    They have some pretty large size bars in inventory, is that not enough,
    whats the story there?

  12. TheInkinJapan

    I don`t think Gold or Silver has gone down. The American dollar has gone up
    against the yen, for example, by more than 30% in the last 12 months. So,
    a $3 drop in Silver prices is really an increase in the value of silver. If
    you think you have lost value, take your silver on holiday and cash it in

  13. Sight Beyond Sight

    I am having the same issue with my wife. I want to buy a monster box of 500
    ounces of silver in Canadian maple leafs. I would feel good having that bit
    of silver. More is better, but I could settle for that. Everything is
    screaming that the sh!t will hit the fan post mid-term elections. How much
    is enough though? I would like to go on a spending spree for foods and
    goods that will store long term as well. This I would have to do in a
    hidden manner as my wife would choke the life outta me if I were so brazen.
    Yeah, I would probably bury my silver. It cannot be taken if I do not have

  14. pranksterguy1

    So-if people go public and scream “I didn’t get my metal”-what does that do
    to the price of physical? Thanks for the vid!

  15. Joan Mello

    I listening to your interview with George Noorey on Coast to Coast I
    hope you put it on utube great interview! your a Star!!

  16. enoch noah

    Greg Hunter is the number one top newsman thank you sir.
    I loved it when you called them satanist.

  17. Fireboat52

    The problem is that Cicero complained about the exact same things 55 years
    BC and the Empire never actually imploded. It just sort of faded away.

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