Tungsten,Silver, and Gold today

A very nice weather day to go Metal Detecting. This was my first Tungsten Ring, and my third Gold ring of the year. With three Silver’s to go along with thos…

28 thoughts on “Tungsten,Silver, and Gold today

  1. jbolf6

    Keith, what a great hunt you had. Just curious, do you remember what the
    tungsten and gold numbers were on the CTX? Well done!

  2. JD's Variety Channel

    Sweet gold and silver Keith! That’s a great hunt! We both have 3 gold rings
    on the year. =) And LOL, I always lose my coins when I’m filming. At least
    we know there’s not a problem finding them again with the detector. And
    man, you find more of those sex tokens than anyone I know! 

  3. Bell-Two

    Nice silver and gold Keith, and nice tungsten ring. A little late on
    comment sorry having a hard time keeping up with videos and detecting too!

  4. JerseyMetalDetector

    Every nickel signal I ever dug was only crap or nickels. Never gold! Very
    goos digs all around and yes awesome weather. I didn’t get to detect yet
    again. If I detect four hours a week that’s a lot these last four months or
    so. Congrats on the great day! HH

  5. TreasureJack

    I think you are the king of sex tokens.
    Congrats on another good hunt. Silver and gold. Sweet on that ring

  6. Sandy's Passions

    WOW Keith! Awesome hunt with some great finds. Tom says congrats as
    well. He was watching on his phone and it wouldn’t let him comment, only
    like. Congrats on your successful hunt. See ya soon.

  7. MichaelSwan66

    AWESOME hunt congrats on the sweet gold and nice silvers cool token and
    tungsten :)have fun on your vacation :)

  8. MetalDetectingPA

    Nice finds Keith…how do you keep finding those sex tokens. Always nice to
    get them rings. I was near the old park today…I was going to look to see
    if anybody was there detecting. I had a business meeting in Squirrel Hill
    and came thru Wexford on way home. Bill

  9. marty Boot

    A great hunt and excellent digs, Congrats on the silvers and super finds on
    the gold and Tungsten, Way to go Keith, the BTY & HH 

  10. aRustyPatina

    Great Hunt Keith!!
    Always enjoy your videos. Especially when you get to find some silver.
    Today was especially killer. Lol, I read other comments and was also going
    to say “hey, what’s up with all those sex tokens you find?” Enjoy San

  11. JAD5822

    If you set your mind for gold you will find it. Great finds and have a nice
    time in San Francisco.

  12. wooleyk1

    Buttery gold and silver treasures and a tungsten ring now that’s why I love
    this hobby also. What a day Keith 

  13. thomas101834

    Congrats on the gold ring and the tungsten one as well as the silver but
    uh, what the hell is a sexual token? Lol.
    Happy Hunting Brother

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