Secrets of Warren Buffett’s Investing Strategy – Stock Market Passive Income How to Tips

Investments are often made indirectly through intermediaries, such as pension funds, banks, brokers, and insurance companies. These institutions may pool mon…
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25 thoughts on “Secrets of Warren Buffett’s Investing Strategy – Stock Market Passive Income How to Tips

  1. FiVibe

    Gold is a hedge not an investment. Maybe by holding gold into tough times
    you can eventually buy the farm! It’s not that people want gold rather that
    people would rather have that as money than fiat paper!

  2. aflacsoup69

    I don’t trust CNBC rich people aren’t going to tell you anything they don’t
    want you to know

  3. Landon Klein

    Isn’t Gold in all the electronics we use today? Put on visors for
    Spacesuits? Used in computers? New cell phones?

  4. boxlessthinking

    dude id rather have the cube of gold you fool Exxon could go out of
    business tam marrow . but golds for ever baby. and really the basis for all
    monies when your fiat money goes out your left with gold and silver cause
    whod do fiat again after it became worthless one time on them.

  5. My Opinion

    OMG: Mr. Warren Buffet was kind enough to share his financial widsom. It
    would have been nice to treat him with respect and not to be insulting to
    him periodically during the interview.

  6. 2453jonathan

    this guy joe or whatever his name is, is an obnoxious idiot, hes talking to
    Warren Buffet and after shouting at him for several minutes pure nonsense
    that has less value than my shit, simply fucking ignores Warren when hes
    answering like some 8 year old would do in a playground, fucking fire this
    guy, no one should have to whilst listening to an incredibly intelligent
    man whos giving us all advice, i mean hes doing us a favour he doesnt need
    to be there he has already made 60 billion dollars, so why the fuck is this
    idiot still allowed on this station, fuckign fire the cunt

  7. Loc Quach

    Joe Kernen is very unprofessional being very rude to a very accomplished
    guest. It’s a miracle Warren tolerates this guy.

  8. Redman ynwa

    Don’t like how the guy speaks to Warren , no respect at all. He don’t have
    to be on the show at all but he’s there so show him some bloody respect. He
    is the oracle* 

  9. Rob Urban

    Joe is off putting to Warren. Way too casual for an 80 year old
    professional self-made billionaire.,

  10. John Sarantakos

    warren is just laying truth here…fucking cnbc, “breaking news: buffet
    says he doesn’t like fixed dollar investments at all!!!” lol

  11. nayanmalig

    If I got government bailouts on a regular basis I too would give out
    investment advice. Having a father as a congressman would help too. 

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