Gold Price Decreasing in India

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On October 27 I was interviewed by German financial TV network DAF, about the Chinese gold market. After it was broadcasted on October 30, the host, Markus B…

8 thoughts on “Gold Price Decreasing in India

  1. TheFinnmacool

    If you believe Alisdair McLeod PBOC has already bought most of the gold
    they need. So if their demand is falling it could be that we are closer to
    China’s move sooner rather than later.

  2. cds162

    great vid.. my only concern is once again it’s off in the future (China
    backing Yuan with gold)… just like the cure for cancer.. so future event

  3. Tears Moon

    Good interview Koos. Think yourself lucky you got 10mins, last time I was
    interviewed on Australian TV I got under 3mins, but I did get to show the
    viewers what a kilo of gold and silver looks like, and say that gold will
    one day go to $10,000 as they faded me out into an ad :-)

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