Special story on Petrol & Gold prices (02-12-2014)

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A discussion of how bankster propaganda and artificially created volatility in gold and silver prices created by HFT programs are making a lot of people miss…
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25 thoughts on “Special story on Petrol & Gold prices (02-12-2014)

  1. BackInTheGarden

    You tell people that gold & silver are cheap & they lose their mind…
    well, I think they need a mind to begin with.

  2. piehamcake1

    if the world were to forgive every bodies debt the price of gold would have
    to be 18,900 per ounce

  3. Paul Maritz

    Spot on John. People should realise that gold and silver are money. I say
    save in money and spend in currency.

  4. MrUseur

    You are saying that in US there is no economic growth, no real consumer
    spending. But, for instance if looking at the US car manufacturers like GM,
    Ford…their sales numbers in the US are not that bad. How does that fit

  5. TopDiCapo

    Indeed sometimes its crazy how much pure garbage is in the mainstream news.
    It can make your head spin how they try to justify lets say the bailouts
    for banks and at the same time cut subsidies for hospitals. I think when
    the prices of the metals go significant up this will force most of the
    sheep to wake up.

  6. smartknowledgeu

    The link to the article that I referenced in the video above which serves
    as proof, not to mention dozens more articles that are available on my blog
    over the PAST SIX YEARS that I have not referenced in which I stated that
    every gold and silver dip were merely buying opportunities, is now in the
    video description above. Sorry for the oversight.

  7. Stan Squatrack

    Seems like this guy in particular is just discrediting everybody that does
    not share the same stance with respect to the prices of precious
    metals…Given the time this video was actually posted, this guy should
    have listened and taken a little off the top during this very bearish gold
    and silver market (as of 11/01.2013).

  8. trainwreck1993

    I have started stacking January 21, 2013. With my 3 month anniversary, so
    far I have accumulated 330 ounces of Silver !! My goal is 1000 ounces or
    more and yes I did buy more with the recent dip. I firmly believe us
    stackers are going to be very happy in the near future ! Down with the
    bankster>>Power to the people !! Keep speaking the truth we are the future
    soldiers of this impending economic WAR.

  9. TrichsRUs

    Im busy stacking cuz as soon as the mainstream media endorses silver all
    the sheeple will come running. I can see the shortage coming and want my
    piece of the pie while its cheap!

  10. GivingYouTruth

    You’re right…hard to imagine what the world will look like with $500
    silver…Yikes!! I hope I will be far away from the cities by then!!

  11. georgem

    if precious metals skyrocket, then suffering all over the world will
    increase equaly. Both go together. So I can’t really be happy about it when
    it happens. It’s okay and important to have an insurance for this case. But
    like with all insurances… you can sleep well when you have insurance, but
    it’s crazy to yearn for the “insured event” to happen! Do you know what the
    world looks like with silver 500 and gold 10’000?

  12. taebaek

    John, simple…”People are Retarded”….seriously…they don’t know
    anything and can’t think for themselves, even Ph.D’s in business don’t
    really know how shit works! they get their info from the mainstream media
    which is ANTI-GOLD/SILVER and anything that has to do with the powers that
    be and such, they don’t do any independent research, when gold goes to
    $3000 an ounce, then they might start doing some though, peace.

  13. james francis

    To me this is pretty obvious. How could prices possibly be high if silver
    was 50+ in approx. 1981.. Gold is not high, but is relatively high to
    silver. Its cuz all the super rich people pretty much have to buy gold cuz
    they wont be able to fit all their money into silver. At least they think
    so. You would make more money hoarding a massive amount of silver and
    paying the bill to make a giant safe/room; then going gold..

  14. onerugrat

    I think some people think this way because they think of it as being an
    investment and that it’s worth more when essentially its worth about the
    same it just the dollar that has lost value, they don’t think about how the
    dollar has been debased or inflation, they see how gasoline has jumped from
    0.38 cents in the 70’s to close to 4 dollars today but they can’t wrap
    their head around pm’s? Your correct, people don’t think, as long as they
    can continue to consume they are ok.

  15. Silver Stacker

    Stocks are sexy when you talk about them… but so is a brand new car. Both
    are poor investments. Stack silver!!!

  16. deeplookinto

    Even that gold is very low now (around $1250) I m sure that gold will smash
    the $ in future .

  17. ShikamaruTKD

    un 5% of the u.s population is buying physical. they are not worried about
    that they will be woried if most people get on the boat

  18. Motoicon

    Gold and silver are the canary in the coal mine. Once prices start
    escalating and stay that way, the Government knows they have lost the war
    with fake paper. This is why its so important to keep a lid on metals. If
    they dont, all holders of paper will start to panic and we will finally
    face the inevitable crash effectively exposing the fraud of our Government

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