Warren Buffett – How to Value a Stock

For the latest Warren Buffett, go to http://WarrenBuffettNews.com – You should sell a stock based on price, not on any sort of political opinion. You should …
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21 thoughts on “Warren Buffett – How to Value a Stock

  1. lubmara

    Warrens formulas are based off of graham.. But he has tweaked it over the
    years… Everybody values intrinsic differently 

  2. 49fiori

    I read them, those formulas are outdated, even Graham said it in one of his
    last interviews that those formulas don’t really matter.

  3. 49fiori

    I know, it is killing me. But who says his formula is the best, I have a
    formula that works, but I don’t have billions to invest, only couple of
    thousand. When he says act as you are buying the whole company – that is
    what you should do when you buy one share.

  4. Kiel Martin

    he does tell you. Key statements he used…..I base my decision on the
    value that I believe the company is worth. The value that I come up with is
    what i would pay for the company myself base on the information I have read
    in the reports. I look at the company itself at first, not the financials.
    He made it very clear what he does. It is based on his experience of what
    he believes the value is. He reads reports like others read playboy.

  5. King Allen

    He never explains how he values a company because he uses a mix a of
    valuation techniques Just a theory

  6. cledrag

    Warren does not use discounted cash flow. He just use net present value.
    The question how he can arrive correctly at the estimated value 250 billion
    for a corporation like Petrochina..

  7. PSJawanda

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  8. domovinski rat

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