Silver, Oil CEO bets on Higher Prices

Silver, Oil CEO bets on Higher Prices SILVER Mac D’s Indicate a BUY Silver & Demand Destruction. http://www.youtub…
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8 thoughts on “Silver, Oil CEO bets on Higher Prices

  1. syyenergy7

    “lol well no duh an oil/silver ceo will say prices are going up… like
    He didn’t just “say it”, he totally got rid of ALL the company’s Short
    position on oil. If that is a wrong move, that could bring the whole oil
    enterprise under. LOOK at what Money does. Soros is in the Gold miners.

  2. sportydiver

    I placed an order with silver gen Oct 10 and they still haven’t shipped it
    yet. Is that a good unit??? GDX up over 6%. Looks like the distribution
    period is over. Perhaps. 

  3. Ben Higgins

    Why not tell us about some one selling all their silver cos its going way
    the hell down? Theres more people wanting to sell at the moment than buy.
    Silver is going down down down, no doubt. Dont buy yet. 


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