Want to know the real reason why gold prices have crashed?

Want to know the real reason why gold prices have crashed?

Fiat currencies last for about 40 years; the fiat dollar has so far lasted 41 years. Far too much currency has been loaned into existence, it can never be pa…
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25 thoughts on “Want to know the real reason why gold prices have crashed?

  1. mrforkinghell

    funny but total rubbish.fractional gold leasing? hahahahahahhahaha why the
    hell would anyone “lease” gold? the conspiracy dudes always make up a
    fantasy to explain why they are totally WRONG. gold to slip under 1k soon
    enough 1223 today.Nice, ive been short since 1500.lovely.

  2. reeve1able

    ever notice how sine the ‘war on terror’ commodities rose expo then since
    war winding down commodities falling?commod prices are manipulated by
    wars!the entire western world economies are reliant on wars!as we use the
    USURY system, when there is a major war buy gold, when war winding down
    sell,and buy manufacturing stocks whose earnings are boosted by buying raw
    materials cheaper,simple. fundamentals,manipulation,employment,trade
    deficit etc what a load of horse shit. learn about USURY!

  3. Dom Pro

    Don’t get me wrong I believe everything said here is correct. But at the
    moment I can only believe. I feel it only responsible to take a “Devil’s
    advocate” point of view in these uncertain times. But I am with you on
    these matters, I continue to buy gold and silver. I may start my own
    channel to discuss the gold/silver from the Devil’s point of view as a gold
    believe, I feel someone has to. Keep up the spot on videos!

  4. reeve1able

    ditto,mate! GLD just tested another resistance at 13000 and failed prepare
    for another leg down! SLV failed at 2000 and will follow! but in bull
    language, must be manipulation, gr8 time to buy hahahahahahaha. gold bulls
    sell ur gold now then wire me and mrforkinghell the money! you might as
    well! hahaha UR the sheep following faber, schiff etc living in fear! it
    was a classic bubble! like we told you!

  5. cne1975

    Is it possible that the drop was a message from the fed to Beijing that
    selling their bonds and moving into gold may not be as safe as they think?

  6. ZipZenac

    Gold is crashing, not because of recovery, but because the USD, which is
    what gold is priced in, is rising, yes rising despite all the printing. In
    fact, if not for printing the USD would be sky high now meaning the US
    would not be able to export and thus suffer a collapsed economy. This is
    what happened in the Great Depression where cash became king, helped by
    hoarding. Cash will be king as assets fall. The Fed are caught now. They
    cannot stop the printing. It’s over for gold for now at least.

  7. HarshrealistUK .

    You are quite right that a lot of information came from Chris Martenson. I
    tend to do a lot of research and come to my own conclusions. On this
    occasion, I found Chris to be on the ball with the current financial
    crisis, and I know that he is extremely knowledgeable on the global
    economy. I have recommended in the past, that people Google him and watch
    the crash course. You are right in that we must keep an open mind, that’s
    why I do not follow the over the top videos, I respect Chris’s logic.


    I’d rather not wonder on the intent any bank has for holding gold. What my
    simple mind does know: You buy gold with cash. You can’t buy other goods
    with gold. You have to sell gold, for cash, to buy other goods. Cash is
    king, no? Bugs say gold is a hedge against inflation. Yet the value of the
    dollar has been flat since 2008. Charts hint the dollar is firm, in a tight
    range since April 2011. Is gold really a hedge against doom? I’d say the
    dollar seems a better hedge. That’s just me.


    Gold makes cool things: rings, medals, tombs, extravagant buildings, maybe
    even superconductors. I’m not a gold hater. So why do I think this video is
    false? Money is a concept. Gold is an object. The pen is mightier than the
    sword. The pen symbolizes a concept. Gold symbolizes a sword. Your position
    seems to say the sword backs the pen. The wall of worry has been climbed,
    last 12-13 years. The slope of hope seems a faster fall. Best not to
    over-think it.

  10. Yuoskalola

    You all should check out Peter Shiff on CNBC recently. The brainwashing
    techniques they use are so obvious. How they do it and how they try to make
    Peter look bad

  11. HarshrealistUK .

    I agree that gold went up very quickly in the last few years and was ready
    for a consolidation period. However what I did not expect was a massive
    crash considering our truly awful fundamentals. Over the last few years,
    just like the money supply, there has been significant over leveraging in
    the gold and silver paper market. I believe it was in the interest of the
    banks to drive down the price so people would sell, and the selling would
    cause panic for others to sell.

  12. Dom Pro

    Though I really respect your videos and opinions. The information provided
    here seems like a reiteration of watch?v=_u2wkW4tYEg . I believe in
    gold/silver as alternatives to the dollar and euro, but we really need to
    keep our minds open and be sure to listen to all but follow none.
    Eventually I will sell all my gold/silver as booms and busts effect all
    assets I believe, at this moment, the boom is not over. Please have exit
    strategies people. Mine is trading metals for land in the coming future.

  13. HarshrealistUK .

    I think the elite are trying to shake out the weak hands, whether they
    manage to do so is a different matter. I guess people are becoming smarter
    and starting to see the bigger picture. Let’s hope so.

  14. HarshrealistUK .

    LOL, there are quite a few Steve’s to convince, one thing I have learnt
    over the years, and that is it hard to change peoples mindsets. My approach
    is to try and have a logical rational discussion, I certainly won’t force
    my viewpoint, because it may be me that’s wrong. I try sometimes try to
    step back and see the whole picture, and I know it is difficult because we
    are not privy to the full facts.

  15. Frank Hart

    So, who are those weak hands that everyone is talking about? I don’t know
    anybody who got tricked by that.

  16. HarshrealistUK .

    Please let me know if you do start your own channel to discuss gold and
    silver. It is important that someone takes the role of Devils advocate if
    only to see matters from a different perspective. Thanks for your support.

  17. MrGchiasson

    I hear the same infantile things at work….” Gold price is dropping, so
    the dollar must be improving, right?” Many people will try to interpret
    anything as a sign of ‘recovery’.. They’re hanging on the MSM-news myth
    that we are on the verge of a recovery. The msm news shows have been
    feeding us that line for the last 7 years. ( I am waiting for the one
    episode where ‘Tony’ loses his temper and punches ‘Steve’ in the mouth… I
    suppose Ive been watching too much “The Walking Dead’ TV….)

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