Gold price fixing is a FACT – Ed Steer Interview

Ed Steer, the esteemed editor of Casey Research’s Gold & Silver Daily and director of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee), chats with Cambridge House Liv…

17 thoughts on “Gold price fixing is a FACT – Ed Steer Interview

  1. BruceBlitzHasTits

    this is an awesome interview. i hope those evil bankers send gold to
    $300/oz. they are creating opportunity for the average joe.

  2. SaveOurSavings

    Russia & China are benefiting from suppressed prices – so they stock up on
    more gold to implicitly back their own currencies as they prepare for the
    Dollar’s demise.

  3. Vincent Teichman

    a tell tail sign that a person doesn’t get whats going on in the world
    of money is the question of How high Gold will go? (in terms of US
    dollars)…………………..the question should be how many dollars will I need to buy
    an once of gold. When the day comes that no amount of dollars will buy
    Gold, the most recent buy would be the high. (in terms of US Dollars)
    ……………why are you measuring your gains or losses with a dying currency why
    not ask the value of gold in continentals or weimar notes? 

  4. xXxDANMANxXx

    awesome point, they don’t have fixes for copper wheat tin why do they need
    it for gold n silver…..

  5. Paul Stephenson

    Ed, as always. a job well done. As “SaveOurSavings” commented earlier, it
    behooves both Russia and China to allow the manipulation to continue. They
    are able to stockpile precious metals at reduced costs PLUS drain the
    U.S.A. of any appreciable amounts of gold and silver, as our government
    (U.S. Mint) merrily goes about selling all that we have and even that which
    we agreed to protect for other countries. It’s a sad commentary on what the
    U.S. has become.

  6. James H

    Chinese buy 90 tons a month, world production is purported 2400 tons, so
    Ecuador leasing 14 tons to GS. Contrary to Armstrong’s claim, 14 tons or
    466,000 ounces shouldn’t have that much impact even if GS can leverage each
    ounce 100 times. Ecuador should have hung on to their gold IMO. 

  7. Ethercruiser1

    Ed Steer is one of the best. I read his free “Ed Steer’s Gold & Silver
    Good interview.

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