Keiser Report guest Mike Maloney on gold and silver prices (10May11)

Guest to the Keiser Report Mike Maloney talks about the price of gold and silver, and now the governments are trying to manipulate the market to stop their w…
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25 thoughts on “Keiser Report guest Mike Maloney on gold and silver prices (10May11)

  1. jayangli

    @bthegood if 50 was the high and inflation adjusted it shud be 130 or
    something for the high today, silver is sure rising slow at 35 bucks now.
    what u think

  2. tb1985uk

    this is some terrible Russian propaganda ROFL – dollar = shit, euro = shit
    according to this guy, the krelin got him on to say this shit, “dollar
    doomed” – ye so no euro, no dollar, what are we gonna invest in? the
    rouble? ahahahahahaha. Fuck you RT, Putin’s gob.

  3. Charlie Helyes

    if you sell on ebay you can sell at 10%-20% over spot ebay only charges
    fees to a maxmium of £40 in the uk so you even with fees you will get above

  4. sidkings

    @2001tigers LOL… This guy is sat on millions of dollars worth of gold and
    silver and he cant afford a decent haircut..LOL..

  5. joelie83

    The smile on Keiser’s face every time Maloney says something that’s
    demonstrates he knows what he’s talking about..

  6. bullsnutsoz

    Mike that was so well explained; just wish i knew you back in 70s. Though
    at least now I can understand what you are so clearly saying. thanks.

  7. liarpoliticians

    @TheBullionBoy LOL, thanks. I though this video was important so uploaded
    the whole thing instead of editing it into small bits. Stop the governments
    and markets pretending their paper money has worth.

  8. Not8upwthit

    I think people got the idea all these things were happening in 2011, I
    believe overall you guys are correct. Wouldn’t it be special to know the
    timing lol……NOt to worry I feel very sure we shall see the CRASH

  9. 2001tigers

    Sorry, but I have to say this…..Did anyone else think of the movie “Dumb
    and Dumber when they watched this video? Any I’m not talking about what
    they are saying, I think the information is good….. I’m talking visually
    (Think Jim Carrey and his hair)

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