Gold & Silver Update

Gold & Silver Update

Gold & Silver Update.
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32 thoughts on “Gold & Silver Update

  1. Ernie Varitimos

    The only true holder of value is human capital. You want to be wealthy?
    Enrich your mind, do, think, say, and believe the right things, hang with
    righteous people, don’t get obsessively attached to anything, live to
    relieve your and other peoples suffering, and you and everyone around you
    will be truly wealthy.

  2. RobbieGTV

    Wealth preservation from any fixed dollar asset is a myth really. The only
    real way to preserve wealth is through productive assets which produce
    income over time. Relativity. Evidence is contained in the way values are
    quoted. Expressed in dollars. And since gold doesn’t produce anything its
    purchasing power will decline over time in absolute terms. Productive
    assets preserve relative purchasing power regardless of the absolute value
    of the underlying currency. The dollar has lost more than 90% of it’s value
    in less than the last 100 years. But if you compared say a doctor and a
    ditch digger then and now the relative earning and purchasing power of the
    two haven’t changed regardless of the absolute value of what they are payed
    in. Income is the best preserver of wealth. Gold can’t do anything but be
    heavy and pretty and just sit there declining in relative value right along
    with the dollar which it’s value is expressed in. It can however be
    volatile at time which makes for great trading opportunities but that’s not
    unique to that asset class or course. A proxy for negative and positive
    sentiment. Fear or optimism. Sound like you do trade them so that is good.
    I just take issue with your expectation from a “core position”. Your own
    earning power from your own skills via your own business and productive
    assets like companies, rental real estate, farm land, etc. are far better
    ways to preserve AND grow wealth in both relative and absolute terms. Like
    I always say if dollars ceased to be the reserve currecny tomorrow and gold
    replaced it, the difference in value between a Ferrari and a haircut will
    be exactly the same and there will be little advantage to those who own
    gold against those who don’t. We all trade with each other every day. If
    that happened and tomorrow you had piles of metal and your grocer,
    municipality, bank, energy provider, etc. had none, it would take a very
    short period of time for the relative fixed dollar asset wealth to resume
    to the exact same relative levels they are today

  3. MisterSilverMonster

    Nice hoodie. Yeah belangp is spitting facts. You make the correct moves
    with PMs. I’ve seen your receipts and you can’t do better than that IMO.
    Keep making that money. Make it rain. True, investing in DIS at $37 and
    where it’s at now will make some nice change too. It’s all about one’s
    preference. “It depends”

  4. halfdollar1

    Certainly seems like a good time to buy metals. Apmex’s Ebay shop sold
    ASE’s for $377 a tube. That is a purchase using Paypal through my credit
    card and with free shipping. That is awesome. I am up 140 ounces of silver
    in 7 weeks with similar deals. I’d be up even more but gold is also on
    sale. That really drains the fiat reserves but like you profess, it’s a
    good time. I may not see the bottom but how much lower can it possibly go?
    To zero, certainly not. 

  5. Johnny Bullion

    After hearing the same thing 100 different ways from you I’m dropping my
    sub. I get it, you think the stock market sucks and silver is the best
    investment on the entire planet. If you actually showed your silver instead
    of a receipt paper your channel might be slightly entertaining. Good


  6. Rex Argent

    Mr Letard,

    More billionaires doesn’t mean former millionaires are wealthier. Only the
    numbers grew not the wealth. It’s more like they stayed the same. That’s
    also what gold gets you up until it’s in a bubble.

    Right now, if you’re really smart, your converting gold into silver while
    purchasing silver from your income. The ratio is 72/1.

    As the metals rise, silver will gain at a faster rate bringing down the
    ratio. When the ratio hits 50/1, begin converting silver to gold while
    purchasing silver from your income.

    Taper your conversions from small to large on the way down in ratio as to
    have the most gold at the lowest ratio while still accumulating silver.

    After the metal bubble taper back to silver when the ratio widens while
    purchasing silver from your income.

    This strategy works best if you have a job.

  7. Ace1000ks1975

    We are at a deflationary cycle Rawdogletardlet.

    When debt goes up to record levels, you will have deflation. It is that

  8. NimlotArt

    Look PAL!…. price of silver and gold goes UP AND down….up AND
    down…and it’s PRETTY annoying…for THOSE who OWN the metal…JUST LIKE
    it’s pretty ANNOYING to LISTEN to YOUR voice GO UP AND DOWN …quit
    SHOUTING pal…

  9. newsunit

    You GOLD and SILVER people seem to be losing your minds about now. I’m
    wondering what will happen when silver goes below $10. Well, we will soon
    find out. 

  10. dk keaux

    I hear you you have to look at risk in comparison to growing, if you don’t
    look at risk you could be reducing your wealth.

  11. kcrone1

    Wait until all the foreign economies that denominated their debts in USD,
    get killed by the USD getting stronger and stronger. Can anyone else smell
    the smoke that sparks off a soverign debt crisis worldwide?

  12. Peter Young

    I think the main way wealth is being shifted is through compound interest
    which most people don’t understand.

  13. Doomer Tards Unite

    I will buy all the way down-all the way back up. The Federal Reserve and
    the Economic terrorists on Wall Street can find another sucker to fleece.
    If I had my way those bastards would be indited and tried for crimes
    against the American people.

  14. Karl Hormann

    Rawdog. What’s the catalyst for Silver/Gold rising again?
    Obviously we know now that Central Banks all around the world will print
    unlimited amounts of money to keep the system afloat. Last week Japan flat
    out said that they were taking 25% of all new QE Printed money and directly
    purchasing US and European STOCKS! This is to boost their government
    pension plans. So now you have direct buying of US stocks by Central banks.
    Not gold or silver. Stocks.
    I agree that you should have at least 10-20% in Gold and Silver. But to
    tell your subscribers that being 100% in Silver is a wise decision is a big
    risky. I do hope Silver and Gold rises back up as I own 20% of my wealth in
    precious metals. But being 100% in one thing is risky. Rule #1 in
    investing: Stay diversified. Good luck and keep the video’s coming.

  15. Janes Tom

    If every time someone else has more wealth someone else has less then
    voluntary trade wouldn’t work. Trade only works because there is a win win
    for both parties. The world gotten so much wealthier over the last
    hundred years compared to the previous thousands because of trade and
    capitalism. Come on man, you need to think about this. If I build
    something in my garage from scratch and sell it, that makes me wealthier
    but that wealth isn’t stolen from anyone. 

  16. Joe M.

    DCA – dollar cost average. Keep it up and keep on lowering your average
    cost/oz. 21…20….19…..mine has been dropping as I go.

  17. Jonny Blaze

    even though I’m a bitcoin fan I agree with Organ, silver is going to $200,
    once it starts to move up it won’t take long to get there

  18. NoName NoFame

    when will these so-called alternative peopple understand that the FED being
    privately held bank or not is absolutely IMMATERIAL and that it’s
    absolutely part of the corrupt government system? its function IS that of a
    central bank as well as its powers, and its chairpeople are selected by the
    government. The seat of the power IS the US Gov. and all corruption and
    abuse of power can directly be traced back to it 

  19. Napatreez1

    gold is still going down and so is silver this is after fomc meeting but
    looking to get in good position in some miners on the way down

  20. Ron Campbell

    I know something like this sounds like “blaming the victim,” but… The
    first rule of speculating: NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose!
    At least silver, unlike an equity, will never go to zero. It may go down
    75% from where you bought it, but it will always have some value.

  21. jlk99us

    When Silver got smashed to $9, you still could not get eagles for less than
    $16. Like you can’t get eagles now for less than $19.50

    Buy’em up when you can. I’m almost to 3000oz 😛 YA BABY!!!!!

  22. espk 44

    Look at past silver charts & realize it could drop to $10.00 & sit there .
    And yes they have all been wrong for quite some time . But silver is real
    money and you should buy into weakness and this is weakness , $16.00 .A lot
    of you have been hurt but now is not the time to sell . This sinking ship
    will sail again . Good luck , be well & i am stacking ! ;)

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