Stock Market Watch 2/10/14 Yugioh Prices

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Heres your biweekly feed of prices over 65 cards shown 2 minor errors I was unable to finish them will do shorter next time. after banlist they will be huge …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

32 thoughts on “Stock Market Watch 2/10/14 Yugioh Prices

  1. JessiePVideos

    Lol man 40 sec in and this video is already out of date! 101 are $45-$50
    each now, indeed the YGO Stockmarket is hard to play!

  2. PandaCompany001

    Do guys think Maxx C will rise in price later? I have some Maxx Cs should I
    get rid of them now or later?

  3. theyugiohcouncil

    Yes and also because of dragon rulers and mermails due to the lack of
    souldrain even though necrovally is a nice replacement

  4. theyugiohcouncil

    Fraps lagged a but blackwirlwind is around 30 but are there any blackwings
    that were released holo you would like to know the prices on? I will go on
    ebay and let you know =D

  5. theyugiohcouncil

    I did xD but I honestly forgot they were released in retro pack. xD I feel
    bad for anyone who buiys a retropack one xD

  6. theyugiohcouncil

    If you get the commons Its budgeted The extra deck is where it cost a bot
    of money but again budgeted is your best friend never give up you will do
    it one day =D

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