JIM ROGERS – GOLD PRICE Due a 50% CORRECTION in 2015 & More Countries to Leave U.S. Dollar

JIM ROGERS - GOLD PRICE Due a 50% CORRECTION in 2015 & More Countries to Leave U.S. Dollar

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18 thoughts on “JIM ROGERS – GOLD PRICE Due a 50% CORRECTION in 2015 & More Countries to Leave U.S. Dollar

  1. Elite NWO Agenda

    Must Watch: GERALD CELENTE – World is in a CURRENCY WAR and Heading Towards

  2. Tim Wensil

    Jim Rogers also says there is no manipulation in the precious metals
    markets. After European regulators went after the manipulators, Jim no
    longer will answer questions about manipulation.

  3. The Nordic Viking

    Don’t stay out of the equity markets! just diversify a bit with silver and
    gold, but not more than 10% of ur portfolio

  4. adsf

    Wait, this is the same guy, who in 2008, said “get out out of the stock
    market, convert all your money to silver and gold, and run for the hills”,
    but now I should listen to him, right? Right? NO

  5. John Brown

    Bullshit it is already at the cost to dig up the correction needs to be
    done in the fixing of the damn market!!!

  6. Joseph deka

    The headline is Wrong> He said that every 3-4 years Gold corrects aprox 50
    %. If you take the high of USD 1920 the bottom could be around USD 960. But
    he did NOT say 50% drop in 2015. This is what the MSM has been told by the
    Central Banks/Policians to report. Demonize Gold and scare people out of
    Gold. Because the Gold is gone! Much higher prices to come to this theater
    in the near future! Reports say it is happening now already (which is
    confirmed by the relentless negative reports in te MSM).

  7. whatupwiththatdog

    Hello Jim, Economy collapse alert! All things being equal fine. But we are
    dealing with a volatile economy with QE devaluing currency. I suspect he is
    wrong on this one.

  8. OakInch

    The biggest cheerleader at the top is now saying sell the bottom. You know
    when this turd will say he bought? He will say he bought the bottom 6
    months after it goes over 2k. 

  9. samuraidave1

    if you suppress the gold price and silver to the point of under
    production costs you put strain on mines,
    if you want to own the new printing presses which are the mines you want to
    force the mines to take offers to sell cheap , {takeovers}
    if the systems going to go to gold you then want to own the mines, this is
    what we are seeing ….

    The systematic forcing down of gold and silver to the point of
    underproduction costs, take overs will come next.

    then in the future the fiat will die and those who own the mines own the
    printing presses again.

    then they will reprice gold and own the future stock.

    when offers are made to the shareholders they will accept the ridicules
    offers and cause little resistance in accepting offers.

    this cant be done if mines are profitable and are in a great position inn
    the future

    This happened before 9-11 struck mines where being taken over .. example
    Normandy mining took over by newmont

    80 cents a share took over for 3.50$ then bammm great investment , as
    i was wondering why so much over share price, as someone new what was
    coming .

    This is it inn reverse . force prices down and take them over gently ..
    then let the fiat collapse later
    as the system goes back to physical gold and silver

    remember this only works if it looks like a great recovery in shares and
    housing… The only illusion is where the moneys coming from and the
    failure too pay back that’s hidden from the mainstream by the media to
    facilitate this agenda


  10. samuraidave1

    You have to understand the systems going to go to gold. prior to this they
    will want to own the mines to control the physical

    The illusion is fiat will remain The fact is it wont. The paper
    manipulation is to facilitate that illusion and bankrupting or forcing
    mining companies to sell when take overs begin .

    who ever owns the mines will be the richest country’s of the world,
    remember this is a chess game and all the moves are already planned to the
    end result .
    there only taking advantage of where they are taking us without us knowing 

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