Day Trading stocks — $2,500 in 60 min. — Meir Barak

Meir Barak has been a professional US stock trader for nearly 14 years. In this video you will see him day trade live his own Colmex account, showing the pot…
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13 thoughts on “Day Trading stocks — $2,500 in 60 min. — Meir Barak

  1. Igords tube

    Hi i am 17 years old i use my brothers acooint to buy stock and i want ask
    you a question should i sale my gopro stock and buy alibaba.

  2. Nalin Shankar

    How did you decide to put a limit at 124.89? Seems really really lucky that
    you were able to hit ALL 600 shares of the ONLY 125.00 bid right before it
    flashed on the screen (and before the screen flashes at :32 lol)…

  3. Catalin Stefanescu

    you risk to mutch…. I will not trade like you …… I will lose my
    account in 1 week

  4. TheTraveler

    Meir, do you do any coaching or live trading classes? I notice your other
    channel Tradenet Israel, do you conduct any classes/seminars over there?

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