Investing in Real Estate vs. The Stock Market

Investing in Real Estate vs. The Stock Market Continue to learn with me at: Check out my courses at : Facebook F…

Crash of 1987- Live news reports of Stock Market Crash

CNN coverage of the Stock Market crash of October 19,1987.

27 thoughts on “Investing in Real Estate vs. The Stock Market

  1. Gman IV

    LOL the Dow was at 2,000 now its so super inflated to almost 18,000! Just
    wait till the next crash!

  2. Andrew Lin

    I love it when stocks crash — it’s like going to a store and seeing lots
    of red tags, time to stock up!

  3. James Tussey

    If this was happening now, CNN would have some dude on asking if this was
    happening because a black hole had opened on Wall Street.

  4. tomahawkseven

    The burst of such a minuscule bubble compared to the bust of this current
    bubble (the bailout bubble) of right now! 

  5. bobsutube

    Nice capture of the moment. I was a sophomore at an update ny college,
    remember the very day, but felt very removed from what was happening.

  6. Mr Kane

    too much supply results in less demand afterall, it is human nature.
    Everybody is investing, nobody wants to buy, stock goes up like bubble and
    become fragile, then crash. Please learn from this poor fellow American

  7. Steven Isnumber

    By the way , at the same day Legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones made a
    killing … some other traders made a killing as well 🙂 … most lost ..
    it’s always like that , in every single crash , somebody makes a killing
    … therefore a lot of people lose money

  8. gonzalo sierra

    the 90s exploded american economy thats when usa really became the corrupt
    greedy copr that it is now the dow was about 1000 points in 90 by 99 it was
    10000… thats a 1000% increase anyone could get rich in the 90s… to
    think it was the biggest increase in stock exchange since ever the 90s
    where what the usa dreamed about since the beg total world monopoly with
    the biggest army to back it up, only ussr was in their way and by 1990 they
    were bankrupt and falling apart

  9. Patatmetmayo

    The realization that you’ve grown up in an economy that was completely fake
    and rigged, and a start of a real economy where size doesn’t matter

  10. Sumit Pandey

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    you really need to enroll here SELL36.COM And while it is hard enough to
    take away something that makes a person happy it’s even more difficult when
    it seems like it’s the only thing.

  11. GodfatherGaming1

    lol i was born in a shitty economy(late november 1987)…. lived my
    childhood in a booming prosperous economy(1990s)….. starting my
    teen-adult life where i was born in a shitty economy(2011-now)…. what
    does the future hold for me?

  12. Steven Isnumber

    Although i believe it’s impossible to time the market crash , even if you
    do believe that the market is a bubble , it’s impossible to time it , i
    strongly believe that those people were just bearish at that point and just
    caught in a huge sell off and made a killing

  13. Futures Magazine

    “Cancel Crash” — the documentary that tells the story of traders during
    1987’s “Black Monday” market crash, is streaming for free on Futures Mag
    dot com

  14. Rabiul Alam

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