Coldplay – The Goldrush (Lyrics)

A not very well-known song from Coldplay’s Life In Technicolor EP in 2009. But I think it’s pure gold (no pun intended). Lyrics: I went digging for gold I we…
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The Dakota boys come up with their biggest clean out of the season. Watch GOLD RUSH Fridays at 9PM e/p on Discovery. |…
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38 thoughts on “Coldplay – The Goldrush (Lyrics)

  1. Liam Vanden Elzen

    It’s really great. The Singing reminds me of Rainy day, especially how the
    audio is “garbled” so to speak, you know, intermixed with the audio.

  2. limegreenbella

    @abrahamrestrepo Yes it is. Will is just singing the main vocals instead of
    Chris. It’s a b-side that you can find on iTunes.

  3. Robert MacDonald

    not to mention that the hoffman’s found the dam hole to begin with. So you
    could say that its gold they found. Man that guy is a moron

  4. koaheart

    It’s time to stop using the Hoffman’s as an example and an excuse, The best
    thing to happen to them was get away from that area. Look how long
    you’ve been digging in that same hole and you’ve got what to date? After
    you take out your blood, sweat and equipment costs, pay your rent, help and
    food much you gonna have left over?

  5. Kevbo

    I can’t stand Fred, never was a fan of that type of people. He is just
    UGH, there’s no way of saying it but he pisses me off. 

  6. SuperRonnieJ1183

    The Dakota boys are the ones I mostly tune in to watch. I really hope they
    make it big. I can relate to the father-son work and they seem to have far
    less ‘scripted drama’ than the other 2 crews who basically read lines. That
    shit makes me cringe.

  7. aboyandastang

    @KartAnimal29 Exactly! Looks like a bunch of iron is mixed in. Compared to
    the shots of the Hoffmans gold which is *bright* gold and pure lookin.

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