The truth about rising gas prices, the stock market, & Warren Buffett’s taxes

Schiff Report Video Blog Feb. 27th 2012.
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25 thoughts on “The truth about rising gas prices, the stock market, & Warren Buffett’s taxes

  1. Quizibo

    If Schiff is so smart and knowledgeable about the stock market and whats
    going on then how come his EuroPacific funds lose an annual 6.5% YOY? Has
    anyone seen his EuroPac funds? All they do is lose money.

  2. PistolPackingPatriot

    My car gets 20 kilometers per Spotted Owl, provided I use baby Harp Seal
    oil mixed with Sperm Whale oil. I’m also developing a green energy car that
    runs on steam, generated by burning old tires and sneakers, with Polar Bear
    upholstery. Talk about a carbon footprint! Plus, it has an “Obama” bumper
    sticker, so it’s cool.

  3. drusha1

    @trueconservatie33 buffet and gates are not giving away money, they are
    sheltering money in the charity. the giveaways are done by governments, payers such as you and i (suckers)

  4. aviomaster

    gasoline in Russia 2.68 $ for 1 USA gallon. Italy 9 $ per gallon. Croatia
    close to 8 $ per gallon Germany 9.1 $ per gallon so in Europe they drive
    less and ride bicycles. in Gold dollar prior to 1971 gasoline price 10
    cents per Gallon did not change much measured in Gold dollars since 1940.

  5. Jose Martinez

    Oh Come on. Don’t you see that a Georgetown Law Student can’t get birth
    control paid for by a Catholic Institutions is the most important issue
    concerning Americans. Rush Limbaugh’s comments are important on this
    matter. The President singing is more important. Gas prices hitting $4.00 a
    gallon at this time when prices should be lower. Unemployment @ 8.3% and
    will be reported closer to 9% on Friday and those figures are lies. Vote
    Obama 2012! It’s like tipping your RAPIST!!!

  6. tyroneutube

    Here’s a tip. Check out…911gascard(dot)com/tyedollars This site will show
    U how 2 get a free $45 visa gas gift card.

  7. Jagermeister Detox

    There is very good healthcare here, you GET TAXED for it. You assume alot.
    So its best you stay in the United States of American’t, pay the outrageous
    insurance fees and can’t afford goods that you want to purchase. Might as
    well raise your premiums to make up for accident expenses. sounds FAIR to
    me. I see you haven’t escaped your cognative problems. Most conservatives
    want so called “freedom” in health care. What’s next? food insurance?
    Privatized roads? infrastructure? Education?

  8. 71ss427

    All the intelligence, diplomas and degrees in the world aren’t worth a rats
    ass if you don’t have any common sense!!!!

  9. lamiac2411

    It amy seem that way but really it’s not. Countries that have high gas
    prices also have free healthcare. We don’t. If you walk into an ER here
    with no insurance you better be prepared for a $5000 bill on the low end.
    God forbid you have some type of critical illness. A couple nights in ICU
    and your bankrupt. God bless America

  10. pugolka

    you mentioned everything but the downward slide of peak oil as being a
    factor for the price of gas. what? and the largest producer of oil in the
    world has said that their supply is half gone already. that with the
    doubling population will drive use 2x therefore in 10 years we will be
    completely, out of gas.

  11. YoungTon22

    Youre leaving out speculation. Doesnt Schiff get his money from wall
    street? Seems like he would mention that.

  12. lren45

    Price of gas up 15 percent. Inflation up 2 percent annually. Your logic
    doesn’t make sense. The fiscal policy is going fine. Oil is an
    international commodity set by factors of production and view from all oil
    producing countries. The president has no solution to the price of oil,
    because there is none. Just look at Nixon’s presidency. This is all Iran.
    All of it. Presidents promising 2.50 gasoline are preposterous idiots.

  13. Trueconservative16

    @drusha1 I agree that;s my dad told me lol. but it isn’t that a good thing
    that he’s giving the money away to charities, maybe I’m wrong

  14. BlitztheDragon

    How do you know that Buffet’s motive for giving to charity is to avoid
    taxes? Did he explicitly say that he’s doing it for that reason? I’m not
    defending him so much as I am asking out of curiosity.

  15. YoungTon22

    The point that you missed was, you’re the idiot who has no idea what he’s
    talking about. Give me your source of info. Youre using republican talking
    points so it has to be FNC or some other right wing biased bullshit. They
    get dumb people to believe anything!

  16. PistolPackingPatriot

    I want to be taxed into poverty so we can “develop” alternative energies
    like Unicorn farts and rainbow powered cars.

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