▶ Gold and Silver Price Manipulation Global Economic Crisis

Share the knowledge folks, stay safe, keep your eyes open, and god bless.

just a quick video on my thoughts on the London silver price fix coming to a end. for more silver stacking videos please check out my channel.

6 thoughts on “▶ Gold and Silver Price Manipulation Global Economic Crisis

  1. Ronin Steel

    in case people dont know there is a new fix starting in replacement of the
    london price fix which will be run by cme group and thomson reuters which
    will be automated

    cme will provide the methodology and the price platform and reuters will
    provide administration and governance….

    so as you say there will most likely be not much change or anything to
    worry about good wee vid as well m8

  2. stillkeepin1

    Some interesting points. I do think it’s manipulated by the powers that be
    for short periods during the day, mainly lowering spot price a few cents
    before they buy and raising the value before they sell. Those few cents
    mean very little to us but are very important to those buying and selling
    tens of thousands of ounces at a time. Very informative video as always.
    Thanks for sharing. 

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