Twitter IPO: How $TWTR Artificially Inflated The Share Price And The Social Marketing Bubble

Sorry for the poor video quality, the audio is what matters. For the previous 6 weeks, Twitter has been spamming push notifications and emails numbering in t…
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4 thoughts on “Twitter IPO: How $TWTR Artificially Inflated The Share Price And The Social Marketing Bubble

  1. Timothy Pleines

    +buzzsah You freakin’ genious. It is absolutely amazing what you
    accomplished. The most fascinating part is that the underlying business
    model is still around today-it seems to have become a standard mechanism of
    wide spread corporate greed-and people are still falling for it. I once
    heard that when a musician releases an album in the United States, if it is
    a double album, every album sold will be counted as two instead of one; if
    an album is released and there is enough material to justify using two
    discs then ‘going platinum’ or gold, or reaching any industry benchmark
    that involves sales figures becomes twice as easy. On a side note, dude,
    Twitter just dropped 7 percent in one day, Facebook fell right alongside it
    at 5 percent, and the entire stock market dropped. It is only Monday, by
    the time the stock market opens Tuesday morning, any mutual fund that holds
    both twitter stock and November expiration options will first dump their
    shares, driving down the price, and then cash in on their stock options.
    These giant funds all work together, unofficially. With the largest
    shareholders in cahoots, they have the power to drive down the price per
    share to the strike price of their options. That is just a fancy way of
    saying that the richest of the rich will be able to cash out twice. Dude,
    this is getting ugly. 

  2. buzzsah

    When I started the paper it was called the Fair Haven Crier. I started it
    in a small part of town called Fair Haven. I knew most of the businesses
    there making it easy to start. After 6 months I went Coast to Coast and
    called it the National Crier. To do this it was easy. All I did was pick
    up a Calf Yellow page directory, I then called a few News stands and near
    by stores and offered free ads. I then sent the News stands 50 papers each
    = 300 total and now I was Coast to Coast hence National. making my paper
    worth more and more money for ads. In reality I was only printing a few
    thousand papers but show I have hundreds of thousands of readers. If
    anyone asked how many papers I’d answer well over hundred thousand readers.
    I then sold the paper / company with a nice profit. That is the way
    advertizing works, it’s all BS sorry to say

  3. buzzsah

    I don’t use Twitter I am to long winded. I didn’t know they were public.
    I’d take a chance at $10 but that’s it. It’s to easy to show big numbers.
    Years ago I ran a small news paper. They started with 10,000 papers bi
    weekly. with only 10,000 papers printed we were about to say we had over
    100,000 readers. How we were able to say that was every house hold had a
    2.5 average readers so 10k x 2.5, then we put them in news stands on the
    counter so everyone that looked at it while buy lotto was considered a
    reader. This i how advertisers get their big numbers / readers. its BS..

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