Why Gold Price has Crashed and the Future of Gold and Silver

This Gold and Silver price Crash is not about market manipulation, it is about investors starting to realise that paper gold is worthless and wanting to dump…
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6 thoughts on “Why Gold Price has Crashed and the Future of Gold and Silver

  1. FreedomForceUSA

    I’m following your idea but then you say Gold has been volatile over the
    past couple of years when in fact it has been in a very steady downtrend.
    Did I misunderstand you?
    Silver is always more volatile due to other factors. Thanks.

  2. Luke Kelly

    GLD volatility is in the 100th percentile (looking back 12 months). Oddly
    enough, the volatility has increased as the price has increased. I guess
    the crowd feels the danger is both to the downside AND the upside. Strange
    times indeed. Thanks for the video. Luke.

  3. watcher on the wall

    selling paper gold is how price is manipulated demand for physical when
    its becoming scarce creates a higher price “if ” it was a supply and
    demand market place , but its not , its a manipulated market place, and
    when there is no pms left in the market place to sell paper on ….. then
    the price will change and reflect true market values , price manipulators
    will be out of a job, this is what china is doing to break the choke hold
    they have on pricing index’s 

  4. Jason Paul McDermott

    hi you commented on my video asking me to view one of your videos and to
    tell you what i thought.

    well i enjoyed this particular video as it was very factual and i think
    you’ve spotted a great gap in the “you tube market” im amazed that i
    haven’t seen something like this before. great stuff.

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