14 k white gold professional polishing

14 k white gold  professional polishing

http://chicjewelry.com/jewelry-repair.html This video shows the process of polishing of a 14 k white gold band set with cubic zirconia. www.Chicjewelry.com f…
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2 thoughts on “14 k white gold professional polishing

  1. Bruce Levine

    you realy dont know what your doing o k listen up first straten out the
    ring on a mandrel if its not round you cant lap it cause the inside wont
    match the outside #2emery and stick polish the inside #3 with a worn out
    black brush the kind with a wood center brush the dimonds and bead work
    with amix white dimond and rougenow lap with a ROCk hard lapping wheel once
    or twice dont play with it start the lap atthe top and continue till 9
    oclock then from 12 till 7 put the ring on awood stick to buff

  2. Bruce Levine

    you use a tiny lap and buff dont be chicken you just playing to much and it
    will show on the finale product some one tranlat6e what i said in to
    spanish for him it a shitty job polishing i feel for you my friend good luck

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