FDA Assaulting Ebola Nano Silver Dr. Rima Responds

The Ebola outbreak is reaching new levels. It’s already the deadliest Ebola outbreak in world history. Now, months after health workers and even US military …

GoPro Hero 4 Silver footage from Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

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41 thoughts on “FDA Assaulting Ebola Nano Silver Dr. Rima Responds

  1. Jacob Hoffman

    did he seriously just say “worst outbreak in world history” no shit it only
    existed in bats prior to 1970

  2. Rusty Hill

    I use colloidal and/or nano silver everyday. I have been doing this for
    almost 5 years and my already healthy condition for a person my age health
    condition has improved dramatically. 2 major contributing factors is my
    diet of mineralized organic fruit and vegetable supply from the Soconusco
    Volcanic region in Chiapas, Mexico and the topical use of 3% H202
    especially applied to the ears. I have only been sick a few times and when
    I got the dengue fever the doctor said the condition was very mild most
    likely because I was using the nano silver. He also said if I had not had
    the parasite infection I may have never gotten sick and I got rid of the
    parasites with quinine. 

  3. Harvey Holloway


    This is a massively powerful immune system building program and it is
    herbal. I use this daily and it works for all that is germ or viral based.
    Understand that in Africa there is already a near 30% survival rate now
    with nothing being used but drugs. This survival rate can be greatly
    improved with a herbally charged immune system.

    NOTE: At only days from contamination until death, Ebola is so fast acting
    that it it is some where between difficult and impossible to prepare the
    bodies defenses in time. This makes waiting until you are ill to do
    something a very bad decision. It is highly recommended that you prepare
    well in advance, strengthening the immune system, to the point it becomes
    between very hard and impossible for any disease to invade. I am personally
    doing this daily. Here is how.

    Use Pure Water

    By this I mean chlorine free, such as distilled, natural mineral, or RO
    water . This is to be used for cooking, making drinks, drinking, or even
    to brush your teeth. For the very best results I highly recommend going the
    next step, and that is usage of the
    water purification unit. It is the best that I know of right now and is
    available online only. The alkalinity and re-mineralization of water
    filtered through this unit is great for the body, keeping cells alive and
    healthy for years longer. I also found that my immune system is greatly
    strengthened as well, this being the reason I use it.

    Note: I have been told by herbalists and water specialists that for every
    point your body is alkaline your immune system becomes stronger and more
    reproductive while diseases become sick and sterile. On the other hand for
    every point of acidity, this becomes the exact opposite, with the immune
    system itself becoming ever more sick and sterile, while diseases flourish
    and reproduce. Stop buying any drinks at local corner stores. They are all
    acidic every one.

    To improve upon the alkaline water even more, add a product called cell
    food http://www.luminahealth.com/ at 8 drops per liter. It massively feeds
    your body all the minerals, trace elements, and amino acids needed for its
    daily intake at between 24 and 40 drops per day depending on your age. The
    effect will be greatly strengthen your very cells against invasion. Buy
    online at least in Canada.


    For bathing, laundry, sinks, etc, please put in a water softener if you
    can. This total removal of chlorine is so important. Buy this locally
    where water softeners are sold.
    If softening is not for you there are full DE-chlorination filters that fit
    on the main line in, available at many water stores. This will filter the
    whole house just as a softener will. Buy these also locally.

    If this is out of the question then please get
    brand filter for all the sinks, and showers. These DE-chlorinate the water
    quite well if the filters are changed as recommended. These can be
    purchased online. Some filters may need to be bought at local water stores.
    Please beware of Britta as its own literature states that it does not fully
    DE-chlorinate. Use Santievia or Rain-shower brands for filters you buy
    locally. They work well.

    What most people do not realize is that 70% of the daily intake of chlorine
    happens as it soaks in through the open pores of your skin in the shower.
    In my personal life the total removal of chlorine has resulted in much
    better breathing, along with the restoration of my histamine balance and
    immune system. Chlorine can destroy up to 50% of the immune system in
    general, allowing a lot more diseases to invade the body. Pure water is
    this important.

    Additional Water Info

    For garden hoses where the filters do not work, use rubber gloves and a
    rubber apron to prevent the chlorine from getting into your body. Buy these
    at at local lawn and garden or grocery stores.

    Remember also to take lot of pure water to drink when you are out.

    There is more!

    Take the maximum dosage daily of this immune system building herbal
    combination. This product is the most important in creating internal
    strength against disease. It regulates the immune system to totally normal
    and optimum and with continued usage keeps it there. This is the
    cornerstone product for immunity.

    Buy Straussherbco.com. Wonder Tea Original Formula The Miracle. Use three
    teabags per day. Make a pot of tea in the morning and drink it between
    breakfast and supper. Add nothing to the tea as it has a pleasant taste, as
    it is as well as being a balanced nutritional formula, licensed in Canada.
    Steep the tea for 30 min minimum before drinking. Steeping all day will not
    hurt it and it can also be drank as an iced tea. This product generates
    massive homeopathic immune system responses and also gives me energy to
    burn. Buy locally.

    This is extremely important !!!

    Should you actually have a germ of viral problem then please add the usage
    of the Chinese Immune System building herb Astragalus. Use it at the rate
    of three every 15 min at the very first signs of problems or at any stage.
    Do this for one hour, then go to three every three hours on top of the
    other herbs, until the disease is gone. Astragalus is like using nitrous to
    get a power boost in a race car. Use it as such then discontinue it.

    The wonder tea is optional when not threatened by disease but many people
    keep taking it for many other fine benefits on top of immune system

    Keep the mushroom extract in full time usage for life, and live in great
    health as I do.
    Buy and live organic none including none chlorinated soaps and personal

    These are vital.

    First the seemingly small parts per million of pollutants allowed in each
    product we use daily adds up. Understand that everything we ingest, or
    apply to our bodies, gets inside our bodies. We all know that what we eat
    affects health. Medicine acknowledges this with special diets for heart and
    other health issues. What is not considered as much, is the amount
    absorbed through the skin. It affects health also.

    People up to 20% of your immune system can be destroyed by the residue of
    ordinary cleaning chemicals not removed in the washer rinse cycle. These
    are now seeping into your body through the open pores of your skin, from
    your “clean” clothes, while you are perspiring on a sunny day. Laundry
    soaps, organic ones that do no harm,

    http://www.lifenatural.com/laundry.htm are more important than one thinks.
    To do this right change to buying all your household cleaning chemicals ,
    and personal hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste, shampoos, makeup,
    etc, to organic ones. This assures that every thing touching you is either
    inert or actually adding minerals and trace elements to the body with each
    usage. The difference I found in my life is ongoing enormous.

    Also change to buying your food to the organic choices at
    (use the vital greens from here), and

    The reasons for this are as follows: First by changing your cleaning
    chemicals, soaps, etc. your immune system will jump in strength by up to
    20%. Now add to this the roughly 28% extra nutrition from every bite of
    organic food and the body becomes stronger, more energetic, less likely to
    become diseased. For your health this is win win win. Now add the up to 50%
    increase in the immune system strength and internal cellular cleansing from
    the use of pure water and proper feeding with cell food. I am sure you can
    see, this is a huge part of the road to never catching diseases, and to
    subsequently great long term great health.

    On these instructions alone without any other knowledge, anyone anywhere on
    earth can have a massive immune system boost causing a much greater, (up to
    and including near total), resistance to all illness.

    Think, there is already about a 30% survival rate without any immune system
    strength building. How much more will a strong healthy, properly charged
    immune system do, Enough I think.

    Harvey 35 years of working with herbs and natural medicines.

  4. Silver Dust

    I ordered a few hundred dollars worth of Nano Silver 3 months ago, and
    still have not received it. I contacted Dr Rima Laibow’s company several
    times and never got a response. Anyone know what is going on??

  5. John Arizona

    Colloidal Silver is awesome but I have to take issue with some of the
    claims in this such as dismissing the fact that silver can damage human
    cells. Colloidal Silver does not distinguish between what we call good and
    bad cells and can kill all it comes into contact with. Fortunately after
    killing the good and bad cells the human bodies immune system repairs
    leaving new healthy cells. <--- That is the crux of how this works.

  6. KingLutherQ

    No government in the world will advocate using this nano silver. It makes a
    good scam though because
    Zinc, copper and silver have similar anti-bacterial properties. They also
    share the same area in the periodic table.
    To the uneducated simple minded person, it’s quite convincing.

    In the old days people put silver dollars in their drinking water container
    to kill the bacteria.
    However, it doesn’t work on viruses that mostly spends it’s life cycle
    inside the host’s cells.
    No scientific study proves or even suggest that these nano silver works on
    any disease or infection.
    At low concentrations nano silver does nothing that you can notice. At
    higher concentrations, these potent elements could implode your blood
    cells, damage your blood vessels, make you anemic and even suppress your
    immune system.
    Long term use could make you develop a fatal blood disorder.

    The US and UK is fast tracking an ebola vaccine. It will probably be ready
    with-in 6 months. For now the only ebola cure is blood from a person that
    has recovered from the disease. Anti-bodies in the blood of an ebola
    survivor is the critical part that transfers it’s immunity to the infected
    recipient. They used this blood transfusion method in the U.S. in four
    ebola cases. All survived. It was also been used very successfully against
    ebola in the past.

    A simple procedure that hospitals in Africa can do:
    (note: must only be done by a qualified medical professional)
    1. Match blood type of recipient and donor.
    2. screen for blood diseases like AIDS and hepatitis.
    3. centrifuge to separate blood from plasma.
    4. inject plasma part to recipient.

    Fight the scammers and opportunists. Please click +like.

  7. pen mightygun

    humans used to use silver to treat syphilis, it was a potent brain killing
    toxin. copper in trace amounts does aide in killing immunity and is not
    toxic at that low level at all. copper is essential, silver is a toxin, no
    human has a silver deficiency. silver only mimic the action of copper if
    copper deficiency already exists . would I try it if I had Ebola? no I
    would try copper first. I need my brain down the road. mercury and silver
    have the same toxic effects. 

  8. Brett Snodgrass

    Greetings, my name is doctor Brett Snodgrass, and I work at the website
    http://drsocial.org/forums/topic/790/ebola-prevention/view/post_id/2616 as
    a clinical consultant. I cover the most controversial healthcare topics
    including the Burzynski case, Medical Board fraud, anti-trust, and
    corruption in healthcare and medical education. I am always skeptical, but
    I strive diligently not to be dismissive. If you are interested, please
    share your Ebola information at the above link. Kindest regards, -BrettMD

  9. Kevin Strutt

    America is fanning the flames for its pet virus. Of course cures will be
    discredited and denied to their victims. 

  10. Jay Compton


  11. Ese Callum

    http://www.silvermedicine.org/faradaycalculator.htmli made CS using 2 x 1.2
    volts ni-cad batteries with a led in series.
    net voltage = 2.4 – 1.5 for led=0.9 volts.i also put a 22k resistor in
    current was 30 MICROAMPS.i made 2ppm cs after 13 hours and 40 mins in 0.8
    litres of water.very small particles size.people who use 4 x9 volts don’t
    understand ohms law.No need for high voltages at all.people step up the
    voltage then put in a resistor in series to step it down because of the
    huge particle size.The resistor absorbs voltage.people still don’t
    understand ohms law.Also it is THE CURRENT that generates colloidal
    silver.Coulombs Law.
    The voltage is the pressure required to push that current through the
    water.The other day I made CS over 5 days using 30 MICRO amps of current in
    water which had been boiled using 2 AA batteries with a 22K resistor in
    series. I got 10 pmm very small particles CS.

  12. lisa kimbrell

    This is BS. Colloidal silver doesn’t hurt anything good in the body. It
    will kill everthing that’s not supposed to be there and promote healing
    including any medicine you might be taking bc it is a foreign object in the
    body. The FDA doesn’t want ppl to know this bc the pharmaceutical and
    doctors lose money if we’re not sick. Please ppl…don’t get these

  13. webberdog1

    dr rima –i have uti & periodontal disease. what silver should i use
    ionic,colloidal or your nano to kill the pathogens that cause gum disease
    bone loss bleeding gums and the other two bacteria that cause cavities ?
    what dose and how to use it ?

    can you put out for sale a nano silver mouthwash please.

    suggestion -dont use the word cure ever again. its an FDA sin. dont make
    claims and they will leave you alone. get a good lawyer.pay him to tell you
    do’s and don’ts. then you can help people get healthy and won’t wind up in
    millions of dollars court cases ruining your life by usa fed gov agencies
    FDA FTC. like they have done to countless others. learn the rules how to
    play their corrupt monopoly game. you can’t fight them and win. they have
    endless nmoney and power. harry hoxie won fighting them…. rife became an
    alcoholic and gave up. he should of left america and gave his wonderful
    help to the rest of the world. timkin should of paid morris fishbein not to
    work and have him step down from AMA. rife should of moved across border
    into mexico and worked from there and avoided america altogether until his
    work spread worldwide. he would of needed 24 hour security armed to
    protect him from america big medicine hired arsonist and robbery thugs.

    also i curious how any usa hospital that gets an ebola patient or any
    african country that has ebola will ever allow you to use your nano silver
    on them ?

    suggestion if you changed way you say things…. just say i have this nano
    sil;ver and im willing to donate free to anyone to try on ebola to see if
    it may be of help at no charge. instead of the strong way you are talking
    “cure” discovered by military in vitro etc.. the word “cure” that FDA won’t
    allow unless you are drug pharmaceutical co. we all know the FDA is in bed
    with drug co.

    if you could get your nano silver classified as a homeopathic due it’s
    dilution. then it can be used and you get off the hook. another supplement
    manufacturer i read did this. homeopathy is allowed in usa as you probably
    know when rockerfeller and Carnegie started their monopoly.

    i wish the japanese would pick up dr rifes work and bring it to the
    world.maybe god will bring dr rifes spirit back in a japanese person,
    because the usa is too corrupt to allow anything else but big pharma to
    exist. even at the cost of millions dying. the bottom line is money not

    no matter what you do people will say she is just trying to make money
    selling her product…if you give your nano silver to a usa hospital for
    them to try on an ebola victim then you are a monster snake oil saleman
    just trying to boost sales of you nano silver. but if a drug company makes
    a patentable treatment from a tobacco leaf then they are glorious
    benevolent only hope in the world wonderful magnificent company. beg them
    for their cure. if you gave your stuff and they tried it and it worked the
    FDA still probably wouldnt allow it till you spent years of animal testing
    then human double blind millions of dollars studies and get fda approval
    then it have to be classified as a drug. then others copy yours sell
    cheaper and no $ for you.

  14. Marira

    Well if they stick to their regulations about FDA testing of substances,
    the ebola vaccine/serum won’t be allowed, I reckon. 

  15. Mick G


  16. Roderick Jackson

    World Zionists refused the shipments not the countries This is a much
    deeper world government happening than most of the global mass public is
    aware of . Plain and simple Nano silver will eradicate ebola. This virus
    was positioned by a human being purposely . Most people don,t want to
    believe it . Thats why a few thousand people control billions .

  17. Violet Jackson

    FDA and WHO don’t want us to have the Nano silver cure which also does
    wonderful things like killing parasites too. 

  18. ken reece

    I had the honor of meeting Dr. Rima,,,,,,she is brilliant,,,all you fools
    who discredit her have done no investigation,,,,none, or you would realize
    and know the truth,, besides you asses ( 54% ) will get CANCER,,,,,then
    your wonderful medical system will devastate your health..my prescription
    for you is, EAT at McDonalds 5 times a week,,, eat 6 hot dogs a week.
    drink plenty of store bought pasteurized milk, Be sure to eat lots of
    candy, sweets and SOFT drinks. Do not eat broccoli or any dark vegetables.
    Do this to spite Dr Rima, that ought be your revenge against her,,,,,,,

  19. Dean7Co

    I heard one report that colloidal silver works against some bacterias but
    not against viruses like Ebola. I don’t know, but that’s what I’ve heard.

    The big deal with Ebola is that it destroys Vitamin C in the body and
    essentially causes scurvy, so massive doses of Vitamin C are required to
    fight it. 

  20. J Paavi

    Hello all, to answer some of the questions:
    – I shot with full HD quality, 60 frames per second. This enables you to
    slow down when creating the final movie. I recommend to shoot always 60 fps.
    – I used “selfie stick” for recording waterslides. Headstrap would be ok
    too, I think.
    – I used GoPro own video editing software. It is easy to use and … Free!

  21. Paul Kiskis

    Great job. You have a natural talent for capturing wonderful moments. I
    just recently bought the 4 silver and would love to be able to produce
    pieces like this. I really enjoyed this, and the music fits in just right.
    Thank you for sharing those special moments with us. What a cool place
    too. That aquarium is awesome. 

  22. Pottsquito

    My bro just bought one today. Hero4 silver edition. Will be using on our
    trip to The Big Island Hawaii. So excited to use GoPro4!!!

  23. Matthew Jones


    We are planning on going here this Christmas, and I am going to be taking
    my new Go Pro Hero 4 Silver, I was wondering what modes did you shoot most
    of this on?



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