Iranian wrestler wins gold at London Olympics

Iranian wrestler Hamid Sourian has won Olympic gold in the 55KG Greco Roman category at London 2012. Sourian beat all his opponents by clear margins to compl…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Doing a little nugget test for sensitivity comparison between the Garrett AT Gold and the older Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger meta…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

42 thoughts on “Iranian wrestler wins gold at London Olympics

  1. Arash Pasargod

    What dose it have to do with ”SPORT” this video is about Olympics.Get a
    fucking life.if you are so patriot go to Iran and fight the
    fucking retard

  2. TalkTakesTime

    actually if you dont wear a burka in iran you will be killed. IRAN WILL BE

  3. Arash Pasargod

    if we want control it we will and you know it very well, maybe it takes us
    1 hour. Kurdish= Jish Jish

  4. TalkTakesTime

    israeli army wipes iran out of the map. trust me. who are irans allies?
    russia? russia is also a good friend of israel. so maybe russia will side
    with iran to fight against america, but not israel. china? china supports
    israeli and iranian army. so china wont take sides in a iran-israel war.
    n.korea wont fight. so iran will end up like libya or afghanistan. btw you
    get stoned to death if you dont wear a burka in iran.


    Iranian fan guy said its such a great feeling being honest to us at
    1:53…. So this means they are usually lying ?

  6. Ken Wright

    Thanks for the clarification! I live in an apt bldg that’s about 90% older
    Armenians. I’ve taken a personal interest in them. When I see an ian
    suffix, I think Armenian 😉 Thanks again for the info!

  7. Arash Pasargod

    Why not? you heleped arab saddam in Iran and Iraq war NO? you are helping
    soudi arabia now to kill iranians NO? and now you want to help Israel soo
    FUCK YOU .

  8. jigsaw19981997

    well done persia. My homecountry. I was extremely pleased when he took the
    old persian flag. MARG BAR DICTATOR

  9. thefarhanman

    You are pathetically incompetent. I am Persian but have lived in America my
    whole life and visit Iran every other year to visit my family. I can assure
    anyone that almost no women in that country wear burqas. Iran is nowhere
    near as extreme as somewhere like Saudi Arabia. It’s pretty funny, because
    whenever i visit Iran, every female in my family barely has anything on her
    head, which i guess passes as a hijab. Please guys, dont listen to this
    idiot who I doubt even knows the capital of Iran.

  10. Dashiki1217

    lol israel is scared shitless, if it was some random country like
    afghanistan they would of bombed by now. what you shit out dollars
    everyday? Funny how your gonna respond cause i countered every single of
    your shit arguments and it shows how mad you are 😉

  11. Dashiki1217

    Your country is a piece of shit and with the economy in 10 years you will
    be living in poverty tents hahahahaha U mad?

  12. Lions4322

    I`m Norwegian, nice try. A russian should know better. Man up, don`t act
    tough over the net. Mr “Dragunov” .. hahaha

  13. TalkTakesTime

    russia is good friends of iran, china has given always positive views of
    israel, venezuela is enemy of israel but not a friend of iran, n.korea wont
    fight, and im 10000000000000000000& sure.

  14. zardari kutta

    Well said brother, this was confirmed in a recent documentary by senior
    Iranian Military figures, that many Pakistanis fought and died for Iran
    during the Iran-Iraq War. Earlier this year a senior Pakistani
    parliamentarian did say that any Israeli Strike would prompt a Pakistani
    response. Now im not saying Pakistan is all high and mighty. But rest
    assured the majority support Iran and its people 100%. And will continue to
    do so.

  15. Shawn Grage

    Thanks for the great video, I have been contemplating getting the AT gold,
    I just got the Infinium but it has a hard time picking up those small
    nuggets .7 gram and under. Looks like the AT Gold does a great job, also
    can be used for other types of hunting too. Im sold.

  16. nesco713

    Great demo….was debating between a scorpion and AT gold…. now… going
    for the gold. thanks for the video. It’s hard to find a good video that
    demonstrates to metal detectors side by side. Does it the AT Gold work
    good on the beach and in the surf in salt water?

  17. Rapunzel

    Thank you a lot Bearcat for all these cool videos you make . Good hunting
    . Stephan from Europe .

  18. Bearkat4160

    The smaller the gold the lower the number, it can actually be in the iron
    range its so small until it does not register at all. But i’ll do another
    test soon to show the number ID.

  19. jimmyjunkmail

    Great vid!!! I would love to know what the Target ID was reading for the
    different nuggets on the AT Gold! Also did you try a low Iron Audio to see
    how the AT reacted? Garrett says small gold can give a iron response

  20. polishmun

    You guys are lucky with your soil over there. I bought an at gold and it
    was useless in most gold bearing areas in western australia. So much so I
    accidentally dropped a .4 nugget on the ground and the nugget actually made
    less noise than the surrounding ground. I tried all sorts of settings
    including opening the ground balance range up to number 6, barely any diff
    and i could not find it. Pulled my gpx 5000 out found it immediately.

  21. Bearkat4160

    Yeh it does ok on most soil here, but it can be challenged quite a bit in
    N. California and some pockets I have found in S. Oregon. Hotter than hell
    this dirt…had to break out my Infinium.

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