Gold Coast Whale Watching

2013 Whale Watching tour packages – CLICK LINK BELOW The Gol…
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9 thoughts on “Gold Coast Whale Watching

  1. Fun Travel TV Show

    Hopefully you will get a chance to see the whales. They are so amazing and
    majestic and really fill your heart with they way they interact with the
    boats. If you get a chance, watch the whale watching videos we did at
    Hervey Bay. They whales come right up to the boat and play with it. It is
    so amazing and the best experience 🙂

  2. Pete Murray

    Activities on the Island include Seaplane flights – $50 (return to
    mainland) $75 (10 min scenic) and $140(20 minute scenic) Speedboat rides –
    $15 and the tube ride behind the speedboat is the same. Jet skis can be
    hired from $50. parasailing is $60 The paddle boats and Kaiaks are free All
    flights are per person

  3. Cosmic Mutty

    WTF is your problem, if you want to fucking light incense and sit under a
    big fat bastard whale while it lands on your fat fuck head then go for it,
    I would just rather light up a spliff.

  4. Cindy C

    my only other bucket list item, besides swimming with dolphins! really want
    to see whales out at sea!

  5. Fun Travel TV Show

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    know what you think. Thanks!

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