Why Buy Silver Over Gold?

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25 thoughts on “Why Buy Silver Over Gold?

  1. ceojr1963

    People were always asking me what I invested in, Land, Knowledge, Gold,
    silver, tools always topped my list, Stocks are only so good, you have to
    do a lot more research with each stock you are thinking of buying, but
    Owning land was always a dream for my father( he wanted a house on it), I
    wanted the land in general, though I also wanted a spring or springs on my
    land too, Water being the life blood of humans second only to clean air to
    breath. Land that has water on it, can grow things even if you have to make
    changes to the land like making a greenhouse or other radical changes like
    introducing plants to a desert. I do like your quote a lot though, the
    investment advisers didn’t make money off of the gold buyers. I never made
    money off my advice, so I just told them what I liked to do.

  2. CosmicDramaQueen

    @Yamakashi1 I was a freak for coin probably before you were even born…I
    was all over this from the beginning see my first upload Brad! My point
    still stands…don’t sell for cash because cash will be trash…Hold Hold
    Hold as long as you can.

  3. HasanKelantan

    Investment advisors are only interested in pushing mutual funds and stocks
    to people since they can get good commissions. but they rarly advice people
    to take physical gold and silver, because that will not make them any
    profit/ money

  4. Miming85

    @kelly38094 To answer your question, why should we buy gold/silver even
    though Government has the majority? Because of the Government buy back you
    dumb fuck!

  5. DaddyGoodtime

    This video cements the idea that cash is trash in my mind. It isn’t rocket
    science to know that fiat notes only take cents to produce and that a
    currency is only worth something if it’s backed by something real. This
    event has happened numerous times before in history. And it’s knowledge is
    readily available to everyone. My question is: Why do we keep repeating the
    same mistakes? Is it human nature or a matter of disregarding history as
    this is today and not 2000 years ago?

  6. HasanKelantan

    Investment advisors are actually salespersons who are only interested in
    getting more commissions from their advices. They avoid advising people to
    invest in physical Gold and Silver because doing so will not make them any
    money .

  7. Milts577

    Investment advisors don’t recommend physical gold and silver in a portfolio
    because they can’t make any money off of it.


    are these guys telling the truth? i mean can us actually print 600 billion
    dollars currency without any gold ? is it legal? if this will happen in any
    country the currency is already mickey mouse. am i right?

  9. Russell Higgins

    Financial advisors get their money by selling products that make them a
    commission. If they advised to buy gold and silver they would get nothing!
    There is no trail commission from the gold and silver sellers as their is
    from other paper products. Ultimately they look after their own pockets!
    Cheers guys – thanks for a great series and look forward to more.

  10. JS

    I think that investment advisors are reluctant to recommend a large
    percentage of physical gold and silver in a portfolio because if they did
    recommend a big percentage then they would receive a 0% commission from the
    sale of gold and silver and a much smaller commission from the smaller sale
    of stocks and bonds. Furthermore, if everyone bought only gold and silver
    as an investment, then no one would be buying stock, bonds, or mutual funds
    from them and this would put them out of a job!

  11. HasanKelantan

    Investment Advisors try to avoid advising people about physical gold and
    silver. This is because they don’t get any commissions by advising people
    to take physical Gold and Silver in their portfolio.

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