2 How the Earth Was Made, Where did Gold Come From

2. How the Earth Was Made, Where did Gold Come From- .flv.

How to find sunstones! Where to find gemstone sunstones. More: http://www.treasuresites.com/treasurebooks.htm for locations and more. How to find Oregon’s of…

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  1. Kerry Emmerson

    Gold was never formed. It has, like it was said, always been in some
    amount, somewhere. It collects together and we find it . Yay. Another
    thing. The Earth is still being created. I see evidence of this any night I
    gaze skyward as meteorites enter the atmosphere after travelling for
    distances as far as it would take light to travel in
    120000000000000000000000000000000000000years, dumping its treasure of gold
    and ice and gasses and yes, microorganisms and adding them to the ever
    growing planet as it swells bigger all the time. That is how life got to
    this rock and one day, when Earth explodes or is struck by another large
    chunk of matter hurtling through space time, the matter sent out into space
    will rain down on other growing bodies elsewhere and around and around it
    all goes.
    Gold would form a thin layer deep within the Earth above heavier stuff and
    below what is lighter but it erupts to the surface due to that layer being
    broken up and thrust to the surface with techtonic movement along with all
    the other cool stuff we find injected into the sedimentary and metamorphic
    bodies as they crack and lift upward. Without this techtonic motion the
    planet would die and become a sterile dust covered moonlike object without

  2. Benjamin Arebalo

    when other metals are bound with gold they do not mix the end result is
    layerd thats why they say plated as for the kg that is the pureity clean
    gold is platnum

  3. Ace Tabula

    He said gold wont bind with anything else that’s not true how you think
    jewelry is made of 14kt 10kt its mixed with other metals like copper etc

  4. mindin9

    gold is called a heavy metal because it is so dense, not because it is
    “strong”. it is actually the softest metal to work with. silver is also a
    very soft and bendable metal. my mother work as a Goldsmith.

  5. mindin9

    gold are mixed with other metals, but it does not bind with anything. they
    do it for two reasons. 1. so its cheaper to buy. the more gold in the
    jewelry, the more it cost. 2. gold is very soft. 100% gold jewelry break
    and bend very easy.

  6. Dennis Mackey

    i have always been interested in mining…..thank you for your post mr.
    mattson. do u know approximately what a sunstone miner might make in a
    year? And do u know what the highest price ever paid for a sunstone? Thank

  7. Pacific Northwest Prospectors

    Great video! Very educational and it was good to see you take home a good

  8. Ghalaxtic Mehses

    I live in oregon dude and I wanna find some of these as a kid I always dug
    around in the dirt and plucked threw the hard pan often….. I wonder how
    many I missed.

  9. avocadopunk

    I have a few hundred lbs of Carnelian I dug up.. BTW we don’t call it
    Ory-Gone it’s pronounce Ore-gun lol.

  10. mark gretchen

    Great video btw, I’m very unfamiliar to the digging basics gold/gems, but
    are there many sites to dig un-restricted? Can you go just about anywhere
    and start digging if it’s not private property? Thanks for your time

  11. Matt Mattson

    We were staying on BLM land W. of Lakeview (about 10 miles west there’s
    some fishing lakes we hit). Made for a longer drive but no dust (be sure
    your camper is tight or don’t take it (volcanic dust gets in everything).
    We can’t wait to get back to the BLM area with our trommel (see the last
    couple of Finding Gold Movies for the hand operated trommel). Can’t
    recommend that adventure enough if you’re into gems, no matter whether
    using the mines or BLM.

  12. nwrocknut

    Great job on the video, Matt. This is the first one of your series I’ve
    viewed, and I’m really looking forward to viewing the rest of your videos.
    I was planning on visiting one of the pay mines this year, but might try my
    luck on the BLM lands, or both. The land is pretty barren in that neck of
    the woods, but it looks like your camp had treesshade. I’ll be toting a
    28′ travel trailer with me. Can you share where you were staying, and how
    far it is from the dig site?

  13. Matt Mattson

    @bcdigit : Yes, both of us facet them (I taught my wife faceting). If
    anything, she’s better at it than I am.

  14. flamingrecon42

    my dad used to work at the spectrum sundtone mine. we’re really good
    friends with the owner go there and tell them jeff butterfield sent you.

  15. Gamersnews.com

    It’s impossible to pay off the nations debt. They don’t print the interest.
    They only print the principle. I equate the national debt to the pirate
    strategy of lighting the boat on fire before they attacked another ship.
    There can be no retreat.

  16. slacker361

    I am not on public assistance, but I would LOVE to come out there with you
    one week a year, to learn some of the massive info you have. Thanks again
    Matt for a wonderful video

  17. monsterfabrication

    helped me out alot with sampling where to look for gold. so how much do sun
    stones go for right now ? This is going to be my first year for gold
    prospeting Im am building a 5 inch dredge rigth now and a tromel for my
    operation. I have been looking a trying to looking in the south umqua river
    by tiller OR I live in southern oregon. How did you do this year with your
    dredge ?

  18. charles dilmore

    I have been trying to get over there for years…. Now with this new info,
    I know right where to go.. thanx. See you there later this year.

  19. cockfight420

    any directions from eureka 101? love to go. a miner frequents our mineral
    shows and he metioned a free area to dig 1 square mile. please any
    direction would help.

  20. Matt Mattson

    @6FaceDrak : if there are any other than that at Plush, I’m not aware of
    them (though I’m sure there are as we’ve found them in New Mexico as well).

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