Wall Street Terms Terminology Stock Market Tom Willett

http://www.ezfinancialtutorials.com/ This video is 28 minutes of information about words and phrases used by investors and traders in the stock market. There…

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  1. Featureman

    Capital gains are the profit you make if you sell a stock for more than you
    paid for it. Same thing with real estate. If you sell a house for more than
    you paid for it that is a capital gain. A dividend is paid on some stocks
    while you hold the stock. Every quarter a certain amount is paid to the
    stockholder. Thanks for watching.

  2. Featureman

    Both of those have good numbers. WCRX looks better than KRO. I do not
    understand the business of KRO, but it appears to be a good long term hold.
    WCRX has much better volume. I understand WCRX business better. Health care
    and pharmaceutical stocks often have new products which can be a surprise
    uptick for the price. Thanks. I would prefer PFE and MRK in the

  3. Featureman

    Also, if you do start a fund, keep me informed of your progress. If
    possible make notes and do a video about the process. Thanks.

  4. mouhamed232004

    I have a question why is it that when going through bonds list under type
    of bond it says mutual fund or etf? I thought these were suppose to
    categories separate from bonds? What is your recommendation online trading

  5. Featureman

    I have no idea. You would need to follow regulations for your country and
    state. It would be above my head to determine the cost, but I notice there
    are places on the internet that give advice on starting a hedge fund. I get
    the impression any bold person who could produce a movie could start a
    hedge fund. At least a million dollar credit line would make it possible.
    Good luck. Thanks.

  6. Johnny Stox

    Tom: When you get the chance, could you please give your opinion the these
    2 stocks I’m thinking of buying – thank you: Warner Chilcott Plc (WCRX )
    Kronos Worldwide Inc (KRO)

  7. Michael Briggs

    Great video! How much money, perse, do you think it would cost to start my
    own hedge fund and to trade on my own without a brokerage?

  8. MrJroberts404

    This is the best video by far for beginners like me. I’m trying to
    understand this market and starting at the ground level. I’m a visual
    learner and this video has been the most informative video I have come
    across after weeks or internet surfing. Thank you Mr. Willet! (FYI… I never
    post comments but this is well deserved and I’m only 4 minutes into the

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