Re: acuriousbeast ponders the future value of silver

My response to ACB’s vid seen here: Here is that Jim Rickards vid:

10 thoughts on “Re: acuriousbeast ponders the future value of silver

  1. TheSchaefReport

    @zalida100 Agreed. I guess the perfect situation would be to have relatives
    in a foreign, gold friendly country that you could store your PMs with.
    Marc Faber’s perspective is quite different from the average Joe’s. He
    travels all over the world and has about 3 or 4 different homes. To him,
    the idea of storing your gold outside the US is very do-able, but it
    certainly isn’t with you or I. Thanks for the comment.

  2. TheSchaefReport

    @MrJoegraphix Thanks. I recommend Peter Schiff’s book “Crashproof” if you
    haven’t read it already. He has tons of ideas in there. A good
    diversification of non-preishable hard assets is always a good . I have a
    lot of 10 oz bars, but for the most part I have 1 oz rounds, bars and
    coins. Good luck man.

  3. zalida100

    You said you like Jim Ricards He’s a guest on kingworldnews nearly every
    week. Try this if you like. kingworldnews.
    com/kingworldnews/Broadcast/Broadcast. html

  4. zalida100

    Marc Faber is great. However, to put your gold overseas introduces 3rd
    party risk again. You must believe that the gold holder (maybe a bank) will
    honour your agreement with them. Better if you bury your gold in your
    backyard or something. If the feds force you to tell them where your gold
    is, then it doesn’t matter if it’s in usa or abroad. If you have access to
    it in your yard, maybe you can use it to buy stuff. If you have to use
    internet to access it abroad, the feds will trace it. etc etc

  5. zalida100

    @TheSchaefReport You’re very welcome. I’d recommend having a listen to all
    the interviews on KWN if you’re interested in metals. Pretty much all of
    his guests seem to have fairly sensible things to say about it. You can
    also find quite good articles on this page most days. (1/2 way down the
    page – click links) 24hgold. com/english/gold_price_in_dollars. aspx Worth
    a quick peek anyway. – Cheers

  6. MrJoegraphix

    Right on! I started with 10oz bars, kilo’s… Max poundage for the money.
    But since, for the exact reason you pointed out, shifted to the 20 coin
    tubes of 1, half and 1/10 ounce silver. I find it astonishing people don’t
    look in a dictionary for the definition of silver. Silver IS money!! Good
    call on baby formula!

  7. zalida100

    Ref – your weimar republic example. You said to use gold directly in a
    transaction. Agreed. 1921 – gold was maybe around 1000 marks per ounce,
    then it was later priced at 1000 000 000 marks. So it’s price rose by 1
    million times. However, if you had sold it then for marks, you’d have lost
    99% of purchase power 6 months later when it was priced at 100 billion
    marks. If you bought gold cos you had no confidence in a paper currency,
    then why would you sell it again to buy that currency?

  8. zalida100

    @TheSchaefReport Hi – Along the lines of “prep list” here’s an example.
    Maybe one of your viewers could find it of interest. unameitltd. limewebs.
    com/id34. htm

  9. acuriousbeast

    Like you I don’t think gold and silver will loose their value any time
    soon. I think both will be going up increasingly so, especially silver. My
    thoughts were more so in the early stages. At some point someone with
    silver will need something from someone who doesn’t and money starts
    trickling in market at some point. The ‘new currency’ was ‘old school
    thought’ and it would probably be a retread of the current system and head
    the same direction just quicker.

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