$1,600 Gold + Triple Digit Silver Price? – Gary Wagner

,600 Gold + Triple Digit Silver Price? - Gary Wagner

Gary Wagner of “The Gold Forecast” discusses gold and silver prices from a technical perspective. Although Wagner sees triple-digit silver prices as a near c…
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5 thoughts on “$1,600 Gold + Triple Digit Silver Price? – Gary Wagner

  1. hume1234561

    Daniela Cambone is smokin. I would like to know what the Fed has up it’s
    sleeves to bring the price of gold back down. it’s the Fed manipulated pull
    backs i’m worried about.

  2. brown55061

    @hume1234561 The Fed doesn’t want to bring gold prices down. Bernanke has
    openly stated in meetings he wants to keep the value of commodities and
    housing prices inflated higher via inflation. If he doesn’t it allows
    deflation to rear its ugly head. And he is dead against any kind of
    deflation. I expect Gold to be $2000/oz before they even start to touch
    interest rates or stop pumping liquidity into bonds, paper gold and silver.

  3. InvestmentNewz

    Silver will eventually make a big run to the upside. The growing industrial
    demand will eventually overcome the price manipulation in the market.

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