Gold Coast Racial Bus Attack | Two Women Carry Out Racial Attack on Gold Coast Bus [FULL]

Gold Coast Racial Bus Attack | Two Women Carry Out Racial Attack on Gold Coast Bus [FULL]

Gold Coast Racial Bus Attack | Two Women Carry Out Racial Attack on Gold Coast Bus Two Women Carry Out Racial Attack on Gold Coast Bus Racist Gold Coast bus …
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25 thoughts on “Gold Coast Racial Bus Attack | Two Women Carry Out Racial Attack on Gold Coast Bus [FULL]

  1. jb55101

    That’s why I’m getting sick if of this bullshit not hitting women . Fuck it
    if the bitches want hit like a man then there taking it like one to . Fuck
    this shit . 

  2. Moo01100

    Bogan nobodies. Fake designer sunglasses, fake orange tan, no brains, no
    morals, nothing – just worthless bogan white trash. I hope the judge throws
    the book at both of them. I want to see them cry on national television.

  3. itsmesketch

    Girl with black hair is Lainee Cameron. The blonde is Larna Watmough
    courtesy of Anonymous Australia Fb page

  4. Agnes Lu

    She should stay in jail for the rest of her life. Both of them I mean. The
    sentence is so light for her behavior , the apology letter is probably
    written by others or taught by others. She’s a joke. Let this video stays
    on the head line and ruins her life please. This is happening too often in
    Australia now. Why they all walk free after this? 2 months in jail is like
    nothing! What about the other old cunt on the train? She’s also walking and
    living free now! It’s like nothing for them, they will still do the same
    thing, even they r not, it’s not because they don’t want to, it will only
    because they are afraid of the punishment. Shame for them. 

  5. peter8488

    Lucky for those 2 bimbos I was not there or i’m sure they’d be needing
    dental work about now.

  6. shoohaa

    Filthy gutter mouth, disrespectful, disgusting tramps… Your parents
    should be embarrassed that they dragged up filth like you both… You’re
    dam lucky I wasn’t on that bus… Because you would’ve been in hospital!
    Enough said! 

  7. MzBakes

    All i can say is Karma is a bitch and they will get theirs i hope its when
    they are old and blind and some drunk girls get into them.

  8. 朱江

    each australian has a criminal great great….grandfather or grandmother.
    it just so normal in this racism country.

  9. Omar Masoud

    You dont see that in third world countries… what ever happened to
    respecting you elders.. Thank God I wasn’t on the Bus cuz I guarantee
    slapping them both silly.. wonder how they would feel if someone did that
    to there Grandpa

  10. Jojoxxr

    Typical Gold Coast white trash gutter filthy moles. Stink’n fucking sluts
    are crawling all over the Gold Coast, that city is a fucking disgrace.

  11. iceblue1963

    So now the father of one of them says “dahh hewasrudenthat”
    Useless morons breeding useless morons. 

  12. Jane Goodnut

    This (not only the girls, but a bus load of people doing nothing to
    intervene) is just a natural and understandable consequence of Australia’s
    racist government policies. It will happen more and more often as the
    younger generations grow up and personify what their society tells them is
    a correct and proper way to treat ‘outsiders’. It makes me cry how that
    country is falling apart before our eyes.

  13. jamcgar

    So the father is defending their behaviour. Always said that you can’t get
    rats from mice. Trash begets trash.

    Politicians need to amend the law so that onlookers can go to the
    assistance of vulnerable people who are being attacked without the fear
    that they themselves might be charged with assault of low-class bitches
    like these two.

    Of course, if you are charged, you’ve got to pay enormous costs for some
    lawyer to defend you. That’s why nobody wanted to get involved while this
    shocking attack took place.

  14. Josef Trethowen

    Horrifird by this! It astounds me that people can treat others so poorly. I
    hope these two bitches get whats coming to em. There should be zero
    tolerance for this kind of stuff kudos to the passenger who stepped in. 

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