Middle East War Preparation, Libor, Gold at $2,000 An Ounce & More: Weekly News Wrap-Up

Middle East War Preparation, Libor, Gold at ,000 An Ounce & More: Weekly News Wrap-Up

http://USAWatchdog.com – Last week, there was news the U.S. was sending more military assets to the Persian Gulf, and it looks like things are continuing to …
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25 thoughts on “Middle East War Preparation, Libor, Gold at $2,000 An Ounce & More: Weekly News Wrap-Up

  1. kamran kam

    so when governments tell us these people don’t need to be regulated, and
    they can self regulate and now we have this, BTW this is what is out, what
    else are they doing that we don’t know! What a sad sad state of affairs, If
    there is was it won’t be because of Iranian Nukes or human rights( what a
    laugh) it will be because they need a mass distraction from all this
    corruption. lets send them to war to occupy them! SAD Indeed!

  2. CAngel57ful

    So glad you interviewed Gerald Celente otherwise I would not have found
    your channel. Great info, thanks.

  3. LTGOneill

    Yep, it’s right next to the spot reserved for nobamney and other
    politicians, it’s down the street from Hitler’s cottage.

  4. Greg Hunter

    Of course not, but the fact is there is a big build up in the ME and that
    is not for a peace plan.

  5. Brother Tim

    First I want to thank you Greg Hunter for bringing this information to us.
    The sad part is everything you said is so so true even the Penn State
    horrior. Things are moving faster and faster the government is manipulating
    as much infomation as it can. From stock prices to gold prices to who is
    buying up our debt to make the dollar look stronger. I hope as many people
    wake up as the water is in the sea. Because I want the sorry basterds who
    is doing all this the people to pay. Thanks again.

  6. Linda T

    Thanks, Greg. Where are our elective representatives? In my town – if I
    roll through a red light the city has cameras mounted which will take a
    picture of the “crime” so they can fine me. Maybe its time to start
    installing cameras in the financial services firms? – LT

  7. Motoicon

    “There is a special place in Hell for people like that”…..I think you can
    add some people at TSA to that list too….Oh yeah, maybe some Bankers and
    politicians too?

  8. Greg Hunter

    Thank you for your support. It takes me around 6 hours to get this
    together, so it’s good to know folks are looking forward to it!! Greg

  9. Greg Hunter

    You scare me when you put it that way, but that’s what’s coming. Hope we
    are wrong. Greg

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