Diablo 3 – Auction House Updates & Gold Price

http://www.twitch.tv/moldran http://www.g2a.com/r/moldran The gold price on the auction house is very high right now! It went from €25 per billion in Novembe…
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28 thoughts on “Diablo 3 – Auction House Updates & Gold Price

  1. Tim Kasem

    What’s up with the notion of “preparing yourself for RoS”? The more you
    prepare, the faster you clear the game, the less time you spend playing the
    game, but playing is fun, therefore you’re shortening your quality time. I
    would play RoS with any gear or even start from scratch. Why spend time on
    an old game to shorten your time on a new game?

  2. drakfiskaren

    What about selling your good gems and use worse gems instead? its a so low
    buff that it might not be worth keeping and good gems will start droping at
    lvl 70 right

  3. Moldran

    Hey guys! In this video I’m explaining why the gold price is so high right
    now. I’m also giving you some advice on what to do with your own gold and
    what you should do with expensive crafting plans.

  4. eXePert

    Whence at auction now such shoulders “seven sins”? This craft? Stats 350 +
    str,vit, e.t.c…

  5. Norman Paschke

    Might be the last stand of Gold Botters and Sellers.. soon they will be
    history.. and I will be laughing.

  6. MC Remmah

    So when all items will be replaced with lv70 of Ros why.. why should i buy
    money to gear up for know? The Items which are found know will be worthless
    with the addon. It doesnt make any sense for me why people spend real money
    for gear thats not worth at all just to farm gear thats useless with the
    addon. Can somebody explain this to me?!?

  7. Bigg Tony

    hi Moldran, its great the price of gold at the moment. even at 88 euro by
    the time blizzard take their 15% off twice you will be lucky to get 60
    euro. I hope people realise this. i sold a billion for £60 and only
    recieved £43. but it will pay for ROS. keep the videos coming m8, great to

  8. KAM1138a

    Thanks Moldran.
    I’ve been selling a lot of COMMON stuff on the AH to gain gold for ROS
    I’m amazed at how much things like Square Topaz and WHITE items are going

  9. Ryan Harrison

    It’s a Game, sell your gold for Real money now.!!! You might be less
    efficient in RoS but who cares in a boA game…

  10. Владислав Кандауров

    i had 3 bil a month ago. i sold all of it facepalm.
    now i have 20 mil and waiting for RoS facepalm

  11. viermidebutura

    i like how ppl “prepare” for RoS….
    at lvl 70 almost no item from lvl 60 will be usefull

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