Bill Wiese shares at Free Chapel

Bill shares his experience “23 Minutes in Hell” as described in his book by the same title. This powerful message will change your life! Also see FAQs at www…
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25 thoughts on “Bill Wiese shares at Free Chapel

  1. Ross Marshall

    The All Mankind Bible Commentary: A Study of Universal Reconciliation of
    All Mankind by Ross S Marshall 520 pages

    The purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to what is believed to
    be the original atonement teaching of first century Christianity. It has a
    close relationship of the two traditional modern theological positions of
    today, but varies greatly in the “end result” or final destiny of humanity.
    A thorough view of the subject is presented with sufficient scriptural
    quotations and detailed commentaries. Emphasis is placed upon those
    concepts of immediate value to the student, pastors, theologians and other
    persons who are dissatisfied with contemporary doctrinal creeds and who are
    still seeking the truth.
    This book brings to light the positive “good news” of the message as
    trumpeted by the angel of the Lord and leaves the negative verses for
    another time in the unveiling of Christ in these last days. Basic topics
    are explained sequentially and developed in order of importance. Many
    verses have been given under each section to show the proper understanding
    to each particular biblical concept. The result is a reorganization of
    Christian teachings and a reinterpretation of atonement doctrine in support
    of the universal reconciliation of all mankind and the whole of creation. 

  2. Carol Dickinson

    Thank you Brother Wiese for sharing this testimony! I shared it on my
    facebook page and my email list. Every human being on this earth needs to
    see this!!!

  3. otherworld11

    Absolutely great testimony that strikes me as entirely legitimate. When
    Bill gives an altar call, folks come to the lord. He does a great job. 

  4. Marilyn Locke

    mr. wiese, please, i read your book, 23 minutes in hell’, and in that book
    you mentioned a bible verse about there being a prison in hell. and,
    infact, you were sent there for a time with the demons being restrained
    from hurting you. well, i lent my book to a frend, and she lost it in the
    process. would you please tell me the part again about u being sent to the
    BEING INCARCERATED in it. i want 2 share that with my mom who doesnt
    believe in prisons being in hell. thank u so much, sincerely, marilyn

  5. skott warren

    I have a question, Some people who don`t believe in god get a near death
    experince, they got heaven or hell and then thay change their way and gets
    saved. Now think of a person who never gets a near death experience and
    then when he dies he will go to hell cuz he couldnt believe, isnt that
    unfair? That that person got saved cuz he got that experience while some
    people never get an experince like that?

  6. 1emanres

    I like this video and this speaker. However, there is one thing horribly
    wrong with it which indicates it is a satanic lie and this man is possessed
    of Satan himself. This man is like myself in having experienced hell. I too
    have been taken into the fire and could not go further. It was real. I
    bounced out. An individual accompanied me in this out of body experience
    like the man’s experience. And so it was an out of body experience just
    like the man in this video says. Now, that is reincarnation. Incarnation
    and reincarnation is simply the ability and practice of the individual
    being something separable from the body. However, Christians, as a rule,
    preach that this is not the case, that reincarnation is a lie. Now, my
    dream clearly had BOTH happening. I was out of my body and I was also being
    told that next time around when I met the fire I’d go into it and would not
    be able to go back in time to get out of it. That is not telling me that I
    won’t reincarnate. It’s telling me I’ll be in a fire jail, that I’ll
    reincarnate but into hell. Therefore, since my spiritual essence, the ME in
    my body, can be separated from my body, then it is not logically the case
    that one will necessarily go to hell UNLESS someone more powerful PUTS one
    in hell. Unless the jailor exists, the sentence will not be carried out.
    So, is the jailor real? Does he exist? My dream did not tell me. All it
    told me was someone was showing me the fire and it wasn’t permanent. All I
    have is memory of him threatening me, not of him putting me in the fire.
    Same with this guy in the video. He speaks of a figure accompanying him,
    another spirit, as it were, showing him these horrors but not apparently
    able to keep him in there indefinitely. So, dreams of hell are arguably
    satanic deceptions or deceptions by evil people who have died and get their
    kicks out of scaring folks into going back into the human body and behaving
    like a scary person. You know, I think the idea that GOD is a scary person
    is more and more ridiculous the more you look at it. If God wanted us to
    take him seriously, then he would regularly punish us instead of doing it
    just once forever. He would not be pretending to be nothing more than
    Batman’s joker. He would be a parent and ever present for conversation,
    knowledge and understanding. So, this video is very possibly satanic and
    satanism is very possibly a real phenomenon orchestrated from the spirit
    world and cursing our world with terror, fright, confusion and fear of a
    nonexistent hell that is so difficult to sustain as an illusion that the
    ghosties who do it have to single out individuals to show it to them,
    instead of regularly disciplining us with small tastes of it as children
    being disciplined by loving parents. I don’t think this video is
    righteous. The more I look at that woman grimacing beside him, the more I
    suspect he has a paralysed face, no emotions, and maybe she is a man in a
    dress. They both look like they work out in a gym and maybe together and
    maybe spar on the boxing mats. There are people like that. They enjoy pain.
    They enjoy preaching pain. I don’t have any reason to be sure they are
    Christians any more than Jesus was. Jesus was a theocratist, a royal prince
    to the Davidic Throne, at least until age 12 when he may have been murdered
    soon after the death of his likeliest father, Rabbi Hillel. The adult Jesus
    may have been the Idumean heir, Herod Agrippa II, who may have faked the
    crucifixion and all the miracles—a common political campaign practice in
    the Roman empire and empires before it. Fake miracles, King as God.
    Bullshit bullshit bullshit by humans. No offense God. I think you may
    exist, but I refuse to think you’re stupid as humans.

  7. Joe Huguenard

    My Dear Family – This video talks about Hell… a subject many people, even
    some Christians, don’t believe exists. Well, it does exist and it says
    many things in the bible about Hell and why we never want to go there or
    ever want anyone we know and Love to go there.

    The author of this video is a Christian man who had a terrible vision where
    he actually spent 23 minutes in Hell, taken there by Jesus himself, so this
    man could come back to us and explain every detail.

    Please… BE the Love of Jesus Christ to others so that we can take a lot
    more people with us to Heaven and away from Satan for eternity. Bill Wiese
    shares at Free Chapel

  8. Tim Ballentine

    People being afraid of Hell & going down to say a prayer doesn’t save
    them.I’m not saying that God couldn’t save someone who does that b/c of the
    scripture that was used,but the Bible speaks of 2 kinds of repentance,one
    is worldy repentance brought on by circumstances,but they never were BORN
    AGAIN ,it leads to death, Godly repentance is when God makes one born again
    and they see how wicked they really are and they run to Christ in their
    helplessness,God causes this by the preaching of His word.

  9. cobbax9916

    you have to repent of sin (and mean it) + confess with your tongue that
    Jesus is Lord + believe He died and rose again for our sins Romans 10 vs
    9-10 (to give us another chance to avoid hell) and ask Him to forgive you
    and be your Lord + Saviour and later or right away get baptised. I was
    baptised 5 years after getting saved. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit
    supernaturally to enter your heart + body and gives you eternal life in
    heaven when you do Romans 10:9+10. Some ask Him to send the Holy Spirit

  10. cobbax9916

    the bible IS JESUS HE IS THE WORD and Saviour of mankind. Whatever you say
    here (in your typing) God keeps account of and sees your heart. I’d be
    scared if I were you !!! The bible is the ULTIMATE AUTHORITY

  11. jantristian

    Mono tone…..? He saying what he needs to WARN people….. He’s not a
    singer with Top 40 vocals tone…. whoever heard him will have no excuse
    about not knowing HELL !

  12. Tim Ballentine

    Why is Jesus choosing all these different people now to tell us these
    things,especially since they are all telling different stories,having Jesus
    giving different doctrines not taught in scripture?Didn’t the Rich man beg
    Abraham to let Lazarus go back & warn his brothers,but Abraham said he
    couldn’t?Besides even if one rose from the dead they wouldn’t believe.Has
    Jesus now changed His mind and He’s taking various people there & letting
    them come back b/c he was wrong?Does God make mistakes?

  13. cobbax9916

    the bible cites everything Bill has said, so I sure as heck don’t know what
    bible you follow. You must go to the church of the misled !

  14. Tim Ballentine

    and Bill claimed that he did,this is why he’s either A )deceived and is
    deceiving others unintentionally or B)he’s intentionally doing it.Either
    way,he is not trusting in scripture and those who believe him aren’t either.

  15. Jacobo Velazquez

    yes we are. have you heard the term Christian Catholic. We both believe in
    Christ…i mean unless Christ doesn’t take a big part in Catholicism then
    we would’nt be now would we?…just something you can dwell on.

  16. Hunny1au

    Yet it’s interesting that another testimony of Hell by a young Brazillian
    girl says she saw the Pope in hell when she died…

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