GoldCoast Skateboards: California Design x Utah Engineering

GoldCoast Skateboards: California Design x Utah Engineering

An inside look at the lives and personal spaces of GoldCoast’s Product Developer, Brock Harris and Art Director, Dustin Ortiz to showcase how the two opposit…
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11 thoughts on “GoldCoast Skateboards: California Design x Utah Engineering

  1. Daniel Gramajo

    Pls make more videos… I just bought the orange,black,blue cruiser at a
    vans store and it’s awesome!!

  2. jcity beatz

    WoW u guys keep up the amazing work!! I see the passion, and specially with
    the new slapstick boards they are amazing!!

  3. Charpe

    You guys should start doing kind of promo videos for different boards you
    put out. I haven’t personally owned a Gold Coast board but I’m considering
    the beacon. Your designs, shapes, longboards, and cruisers, especially,
    look amazing. The only thing is I can’t find any reviews or videos with the
    beacon (Expect that ZapposGear one which isn’t very convincing for me). I
    think making videos will definitely bring more people to you and help
    people like me pick out a board and be able to see what someone looks like
    riding it. Thanks and keep making these sick designs and awesome cruisers ,
    Gold Coast. :)

  4. Nathan Kim

    I bought a shaka tack pintail not too long ago, I can’t express how much I
    love it thanks

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