Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Silver And Gold

Track 10 / Streetcore, 2003 © Hellcat Records.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

PHILIPPIANS 2:10-11 ~ “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that e…

27 thoughts on “Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Silver And Gold

  1. labluemod

    Not simply the best cover and version of this song…. just and at least
    AMAZING performing of Joe Strummer !!!
    Miss you so Joe… thanks for all your songs and don’t worry you always
    have been larger than life before you have gone… no need to be
    forgiven… thanks for letting us a so beautiful legacy …

  2. JOSE CARLOS Sacristan

    I am getting closer to my fifties… Nobody grows any younger,
    … I feel every word of this song… r´n´r, FOREVER !!!!

  3. thesandsie13the2nd

    “ok that’s a take” always makes me smile. then i tear up because i can’t
    hear the voice anymore down the phone . i miss you joe you were (and are )
    a star

  4. Nicole Hill

    such an amazing talent he never let fame change him he was an artist loving
    what he did. I grew up with the clash and then found out he was back with a
    new sound and band I knew before i listened i would love it he couldn’t
    produce or write anything crappy. I cried very hard when I heard of his

  5. JohnMellor5202

    @Vincenteloco That really made me sad when I first got the album all those
    years ago. If you read the book redemption song it really makes you love
    and appreciate him so much more!!

  6. Tuzotonic

    In a world where people you admire let you down, Joe is a great example of
    what a true hero is. The cruel irony of this song can’t be overlooked but
    the music and the legacy of the man will never be forgotten.

  7. Lilli McAllister

    Well that makes me cry. To find such a great songwriter and then to find
    out they are no longer with us..

  8. MrBadger78

    “ok, That’s a take” never fails to put a lump in my throat. Such a great
    last song on a wonderful last album. He really hit his stride again with
    Streetcore. Hard to believe it is going on ten years now. Bless You Joe, We
    miss you still!

  9. Aliyah Lift

    This is the last song of his last of his last “record” and there a terminal
    feeling about it, kinda like “Death of a Star” from CR, but this one sure
    feels a lot more up-beat and enjoyable. Does that make sense to anybody?

  10. losmorta

    yes…, thanks Joe, thanks for everything, thanks for being a great human
    being…thanks for your LOVE.

  11. INTO THE LIGHT Journal

    Thank you for asking. You may buy this song at Christ-like Music; the name
    of the album is “Simply Trusting” by Adam Davis.

  12. Indi Doll

    This is my new favorite song. I just purchased the CD at Bible Truth Music
    “Simply Trusting” by: Adam Davis. 

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