19 thoughts on “Pink Panther and Pals – Gold, Silver, Bronze & Pink

  1. MisRuby Tacones

    What? It started over and then there is no sound. WHY?? This is a part I
    hate about life. When I am watching something, and it will be getting late
    soon or something, then my parents call me and say time to do …. and I
    say what it was just getting to the good part. Who feels like that. Like or

  2. Marsiana Huang

    Kiki: what the fuck
    Daddy: not to say that Kiki
    Kiki: kk daddy
    Mommy: tine for lunch
    Kiki and Daddy: ok
    Mommy: we are eating our fav food,pizza!
    Daddy and Kiki: Yay!
    Daddy,Mommy and Kiki:yummy!
    Kiki:Mommy cooks the pizza is the Best!
    Mommy: thank you
    Daddy just eat don’t talk
    Mommy and Kiki: ok
    Little brother:wahaha
    Kiki: what are you doning Little brother
    Little brother: Playing! you don’t know?
    Kiki: i know but
    Little brother: but?
    Kiki: but you’re wahaha for nothing
    Mommy,Daddy,Kiki and Little brother:THE END


  3. Sundararajan Narasimhan

    when people get bored they should watch pink panther.they will forget the
    whole world

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    clip này mình coi hoài à nhưng coi lại cũng không thấy chán chút nào 

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