White/Gold 75 Caprice Donk Vert on 28″ DUB Crown GOLD Floaters – 1080p HD

Probably one of my favorite cars I seen down there! My favorite donk at least. But a White w/ GOLD pearl 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Donk Convertible, sit…

Oblivion climbing to the top of  white gold tower

Paint brushes have no “gravity” so when you drop them they stay in place, i continued to place them higher and jump brush to brush to brush until I reached t…
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39 thoughts on “White/Gold 75 Caprice Donk Vert on 28″ DUB Crown GOLD Floaters – 1080p HD

  1. shawngulledge

    reminds me of a front room furniture set from back in the day, pearl white
    couches with gold trimming.

  2. Ronnie Emerson

    I’m tryin hard as hell to find a caprice body like this 73-75 do you kno
    where I can start like a salvage yard or something I wanna build it from
    ground up?

  3. LowLife ThugAzzNigga

    @hemi08911 gotta start with havin ya money rite, cuz if the money rite, u
    can find one easy. They not hard to find, just hard to afford

  4. Fun Tube

    U cannot climb on it.
    u just used the tcl cheat for turning of collision.
    Do you now think, youre a badass?!
    ur not its easy to get on top of this tower by using the cheat console!

  5. HowToAlienatePeople

    if only i had it on pc then i could just use Constructon Set to make a huge
    staircase 😀 I could recreate it in Morrowind i have that on PC but once
    again im too lazy

  6. Sorimo724

    Oh and they did patch this on the game of the year version. The originals
    still have the glitch though ^^

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