ABC’s Once Upon A Time 1×04 – The Price of Gold – Promo 1

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Ron Paul Warns of Dollar Collapse.

37 thoughts on “ABC’s Once Upon A Time 1×04 – The Price of Gold – Promo 1

  1. Lemon3R2xTK

    I love how amaze OUAT used to leave us all, and how it still does… it’s
    just getting better and better and I truly hope it lasts for years and

  2. Classicwinter

    I wonder if this has to do with the actual Rumpelstiltskin story? Emma will
    go and help her research his name! Ooooooh.

  3. LifeMusicseries89

    Am I the only one who think Snow most be pregnant in this episode, at the
    ball? Because she had Emma before the curse..

  4. Vartha1

    getting miffed there’s no download for it. I can’t hear it at the library
    and I have not interent

  5. Yann olle-Laprune

    This is brilliant!!!!!! Mixing Cinderella and Rumpelstilskin stories allow
    to tell both in a thrilling way for the series….!!!! Love it!!!

  6. rumored

    I am so looking forward to this episode. Mr. Gold is my favorite character
    so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

  7. John Stern

    This is very truthful, billionaires are investing in gold, even silver..
    Silver has the potential to even be 30$ an oz.. maybe 100 per ounce? The
    dollar has lost its gold backing and China picked it up and will wear it on
    their yuan changing the direction of the game.. it could happen over night
    ladies and gentlemen.. just like the 2008 stock market crash. Kapow!

  8. bob robertson

    RON PAUL is not being truthful…Gold prices are based on the currency
    trading (FOREX) market as a whole. The U.S. v. other trading currencies is
    based on the U.S. Dollar certificate and note and not a Federal Reserve
    note as the Federal Reserve Note is a foreign bank credit currency (traded
    between banks and not U.S. Government currency). Money has positive value,
    and credit currency represents debt which is negative. Gold prices are also
    speculative and this effects their value. If the U.S. economy collapses the
    concerns of the world will be on getting fuel and food, as as the saying
    goes you can not eat gold, therefore the price of gold will plummet and the
    bankers will take real U.S. Dollars ) U.S. certificates/notes and re buy up
    all the gold that they have sold everybody on the 5year selling spree..
    Right now the ratio of the real U.S. dollar/note to the Federal reserve
    note is 42(FRN) to 1(USD)…. that is why the price of gold is up to $
    1,400.00 troy oz and Crud oil up to $ 134.00 a barrel of sweet…

  9. Mark East

    you can’t eat printed notes or gold. Greed based behaviour doesn’t work and
    in essence, is meaningless.

  10. Humphrey appleby

    To understand why gold is no better or worse than any other currency you
    have to understand what currency is.
    Currency is an agreed method of exchange. For example if i agree to give a
    pen in exchange for a chair that pen has become currency, it probably only
    has a value between you and me but it is still currency. Replace that pen
    with Gold, dollar, bitcoin, a kilo of brick dust whatever it is still
    Currency has no true value in itself that is why gold and silver used in
    the first place. They are essentially easily obtained (far less effort and
    energy is required to process gold than say iron, one person with a few
    tools) but useless metals. Also they are noble metals so you didn’t have to
    worry about your wealth rusting away. Golds value is traditional rather
    than being based and true value.
    So what should you invest in? Anything you like really just remember than
    everyone and I mean everyone who is pushing one thing or another be it
    Bitcoins gold dollars whatever will be doing it against your interests.
    They will tell you buy when they themselves are selling and vice a versa.
    The guy in the video likely either brought when it was too high or has just
    brought some gold is trying to get a quick profit by encouraging others to
    Also the reason India doesn’t like there people buying gold is importing
    gold means they’re exporting their wealth. Indians really love gold as an
    item of status they will often spend a considerable amount of their
    disposable income on it. Backing any currency with gold is stupid you’re
    just backing something worthless with something worthless. Value comes from

  11. RobinHood Silver

    lets blow up america? lol u joker, no one really gives two poos about your
    country. your doing a good enough job destroying yourself. you tout freedom
    and democracy but you behave contradictory to those ideas. every nation in
    history that has gone against its own unifying idea has perished. and
    america too will perish as a world power. heck your people “discovered”
    your country through the genocide of a people. the foundations of your
    nation are soft with the blood of women and children. a day will soon come
    when a soft breeze knocks you over.

  12. Scottish Gold

    I think we need to step back and judge Congress and the Senate against the
    constitution. If they are an irritant to the constitution mark them as
    enemies from within and agressively throw them out with great shame. the
    constitution gurantees gold and silver coin as money. Demand it!

  13. Sandro Alexandero

    Ron Paul is a sellout, he pretends to be on our side against the
    government. He and our son will just screw us at the crucial moment, if you
    really oppose certain guys at his influential position, you will end up
    like John F Kennedy, Nicholas II and Gaddafi.

  14. Profit With Gold

    Im not really sure that gold price may rise to infinity, there might be
    times that the dollar will increase its value. Though at this rate the
    government struggles to stabilize our economy which makes the gold very
    important to us.

  15. Ronald Reiman

    Please let me know something. I know that doctors and lawyers charge a
    fortune for what they do. Policians are paid a fortune and in the process
    waste millions of taxyers money. BUT HOW WILL YOU PAY GOD FOR WHAT HE DOES
    FOR YOU?

  16. nazim mia

    Very nice, gutted I can’t hear the audio for some reason! My dad has been
    working from home by using Online Gold Dynamo (Google it). I earnt $765 in
    the last 6 hours :).

  17. Investing ingold

    While I don’t necessarily agree with all of Ron Paul’s views – I do believe
    gold as a long term investment to hedge against inflation and the insane
    money printing the US is doing, and is a great way to diversify your
    portfolio – gold is a great investment to make now

  18. Daikini0

    ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over youtube
    / so he can take over and remove Googlepieceofcrap+

  19. Scottish Gold

    The “War on terrorism”? Call it as it is, because our government will not.
    It is a war against the demonic Moslem religion of so called Islam and the
    so called “Nation of Islam” that has taken over our prisons like a cancer.
    Let them build with you? Show them tollerance? Pretend they are mostly
    peaceful to your own peril. Read their unholy book and see what is in store
    for you and your family. Where are the men?

  20. Luvcreole

    trying to become famous in opening her life of unspectacular trivialities
    to the world starting with a sex tape…exactly how can you take a nation
    like this seriously has being the hope for the world? This nation spends
    entirely too much time judging what others did that pales in comparison to
    what we have done, and are doing even now that has everybody watching all
    these YouTube vids like this one. (At least the Americans who actually care
    enough to do so) That’s all I’m saying..

  21. yougottabekiddinmee

    You have studied a version of history. Now, I have studied a different
    version. History is very interesting. People teaching it are politically
    and socially motivated to teach a certain version. Therefore, the versions
    of history although based in the same fact, are very diverse. So, unless
    you study all versions and understand all versions, you are not an expert
    no more than I am. However, I do believe in the God of the Bible and the
    Jesus of the Bible. It sounds like you do as well.

  22. yougottabekiddinmee

    I don’t get this evidence from Psalms 83. You can believe what you want to
    believe. Hopefully your research is worth betting all eternity on. Just
    follow God’s laws and know that Yeshua is your salvation my friend.

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