what are your thoughts on EA banning accounts who buy coins for fifa 15 ultimate team ? also I talk about what I personally will be doing in fifa 15 ultimate…


  1. FootyManagerTv

    if you are a new viewer and like Ultimate Team videos, consider subscribing
    as I said in the video I will be bringing back an old school road to glory,
    so for those of you who are bored of pink slips I hope you will be
    interested to see that :)

  2. cammy1885

    They’ve never promoted coin selling, you can’t compete with others who get
    coins so you have no choice but to buy coins.

    For £20 PSN/MSP you get like 20 packs, for £20 at current prices you can
    get 4million….EA are scamming and leave people with no option but to buy
    coins instead of ridiculously overpriced packs.

    The slogan was always “make your own UT” but without buying coins it’s near
    enough impossible to do that. 

  3. hatsoffsam24

    Not only will this kill most of the popular FIFA youtubers but we are left
    to actually buy packs that are just a scam buy EA anyway.

    It is nearly impossible to land a Ronaldo or Messi in a pack, why?

    Because EA are a bunch of thieving bitches. 

  4. IqzcFX

    Of course ea would ban coin selling since they won’t be making enough
    money. Claps. Ea at its finest.

  5. adriaan andré

    Your right, its more fun to start from the bottom and see where you can go.
    also if you do a road to glory you play with players that no one use but
    who are really good! I think ea is doing well here.

  6. PiehardGamer

    I’ve never seen one of your videos before so when I searched this topic up
    your video came up first. I like your views on coinbuying and I’m glad you
    don’t support it.

    Hell, why play the game when you’ve already bought the ending? As well as
    damaging other players experiences with the game it ruins yours too.

    Don’t buy coins…


  7. Dale Hillhouse

    Opening packs gives u crap all! Spend that money on coins and u can choose
    ur players not rely on the ea bs

  8. VirtualGamingProsHD

    I’d personally loved what EA have done here, it really evens out the
    game so there is no full legend teams in division ten. In my own opinion
    I’d love to see chemistry disappear, it says ”build your own ultimate
    team” not build your premier league team” 

  9. Alex George

    +FootyManagerTv Mate, I totally agree with you. I’ve never bought coins,
    and I have a really nice team:
    How did I get it? Buy working my way to the top. These big fifa YouTubers
    promote coins, and ruin the market this way. I’ve faced people with
    Ronaldo, IMOTM Robben, IF Ribery etc countless of times, and they weren’t
    even good at Fifa. Weather they opened packs I don’t know, but it’s only
    fair if the coin sellers get banned. I’ll be looking to build a similar
    team to this in Fifa 15 (as I am a Bundesliga fan). I subscribed as well.


    So Happy! If anyone of you remember Fifa 12 ultimate team, it was the best!
    No one had these stupidly overpowered teams! With online seasons aswell,
    Fifa 15 is going to be great, none of these noobs with great teams, its
    going to be a game woth more descisions for your coins. Its going to be

  11. HKPT_Gaming

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  12. 3G ADM

    If you do a rtg then ill sub all fifa has turned into bs pink slips and
    pack opening also people have unfair youtubers

  13. Matthew Pickett

    I spent a ridoculous amount on fifa points (£350 . . .) And I got 500k
    worth of players.
    I bought £20 worth of coins and got 550k
    Why would I ever buy points when coins are 17x cheaper?

  14. Ronaldinho Jr

    Nothing new.Buying coins was bammed on fifa 14.Just a misleading for people
    who dont know anything about ut to click on it and watch.Lol

  15. karlosnod

    Why do EA care about coin selling anyway. they make EA tax on every coin
    sold on ultimate team. stopping it means less money in EA tax 

  16. RoadTo Glory

    You know EA said ‘1st offence, 2nd offence so on’ does that mean the 1st
    time you ‘get caught’ buying coins is the first offence or just buying the
    coins is the first offence? Please someone really important.

  17. Nic Kaufmann

    I agree with banning coins, but if you guys honestly believe its because ea
    think its cheating then you are dumbshits. They just want money. But im
    happy coin selling is gone

  18. DutchGraphicsHD

    So how to avoid being banned or warned?
    I heard that this could help (please say it if it’s wrong or if you have
    another way to avoid):
    – Buy small ammounts (50-100k)
    – Only put gold players on the market
    – Buy a gold pack before buying coins

  19. Stoney Boii

    So how are people going to be able to buy the 94 card ronaldo when he’s
    like 14 million ps4 ea are shit, license for them to make money with fifa
    points I bet ea are behind some coin websites robbing basterds

  20. Konrad Toney

    1. How the fuck do coin sellers even get enough coins to sell in the first
    2. I remember ea tweeting the day before fifa 14 came out that people that
    were found to be buying coins would get banned but yet all these fifa
    YouTubers have a 30-40 second advert at the start of every single video
    promoting coin sites but they don’t get banned. Whatsupwithdat?

  21. DavidHM18

    The only reason ea has banned this is because there losing money but now
    everybody who plays fifa 15 will be buying them off the game for outrageous
    prices good job ea you now how to keep ur customers happy

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