Gold $3,000 in 3 Years from Now – Gary Christenson Interview

Gold Value and Gold Prices from 1971 – 2021: An Empirical Model Link: Gary is the owner and writer for popular contrarian…
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Value Of Gold . . . . .24-hour Spot Chart – Gold – Kitco Live 24-hour Spot Gold Chart from New York, London, Hong Kong and…
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7 thoughts on “Gold $3,000 in 3 Years from Now – Gary Christenson Interview

  1. dispersingweight

    Buy low (preferably below cost of production for commodities)
    Sell high (to the chumps who didn’t buy low)

  2. Andrea van de Kleut

    you only “hear” about these “friends and mentors” when they have a book to
    sell. they give no actual new information they all are saying the same
    thing , what a let-down. all start with “way back in 1933″………. Yeah ,
    get with it ” guru”with a book to sell

  3. Silver Death Cult

    Never heard of Gary Christenson before a week ago but this guy has been
    plastered on every pumping site on the internet. Let me guess his next few
    shows: USA Watchdog, Wall Street for Main Street, TF Metals Report, King
    World News, Finance and Liberty, Alex Jones, Russia Today, and Gold Seek

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