Options Trading (Video 2): Renting your shares for regular income using Options

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11 thoughts on “Options Trading (Video 2): Renting your shares for regular income using Options

  1. Edmond Ublianda

    Very informative.Thanks for broadcasting it on th web. More power Jules to
    your educational broadcast. I really want to learn this so I can work at
    home and spend more time wtih my family. Keep sharing your knowledge.God
    bless your work.

  2. luckyload3r

    dude, once the share price goes above that strike price, you can
    immediately buy the shares (at the price the call allows you to) and then
    sell them at the higher price-for a profit

  3. Andrew Eddie

    I’m still trying to get my head around this.. but what do you do if you
    have to sell the shares when the share meets the strike price for the call?
    Just buy more shares + sell another call while keeping the original put?

  4. JNR007

    Hi Jules if the shares rises above the strike price and the contract is
    exercised what happens to the Bought Put can u just sell it back to the
    market and get some of the money back that you paid for it

  5. MrFredGSanford

    If the shares rise as you describe and you’re called out of your position,
    you still have the put options as you describe. They’re effectively
    “worthless” as long as the price of the stock is above the strike price of
    the put. The put only becames valuable once the share price falls below the

  6. Andrew Eddie

    After more thought i think the best extension to this strategy would be if
    you get exercised and forced to sell your shares, just write naked puts
    below the current stock price until you get exercised. This way you get
    paid a premium and you also get to buy the shares cheaper than the current
    stock price when you do evenutally get exercised. Then just repeat the

  7. Colleen Ryan

    shared this several times now..thank YOU so much – I’ve committed it to
    memory and it’s easy as …thanks for making this business so concise to

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