Dr. Jim Willie: Doubling of Gold Price Overnight

Dr. Jim Willie: Doubling of Gold Price Overnight

http://usawatchdog.com/dr-jim-willie-treasury-bond-will-be-phased-out-and-gold-phased-in/ – Dr. Jim Willie, Editor of The Hat Trick Letter, predicts, “50% do…

Short documentary about gold price manipulation on public TV channel 3sat, a cooperation between Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Broadcasted May 9, 2014. T…
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25 thoughts on “Dr. Jim Willie: Doubling of Gold Price Overnight

  1. hauskalainen

    Well, it’s a full year since this was posted and the gold price did not
    double overnight. Well, lets be kind and call that hyperbole so let’s look
    how it changed over the year.

    London pm Gold fix per ounce Nov 12, 2013 when this was posted…
    usd 1225.25 gbp 749.25

    The video says gold will soar high and the dollar will slump.

    Gold fix one year later Nov 12, 2014
    usd 1164.50 gbp 736.51

    So the gold price has FALLEN versus both the dollar and the pound.
    And so has the oil price. So the dollar is doing just fine.
    The banks are doing OK. Citi is still in business.

    Oh and Anders Breivik really was a Norwegian psychpathic islamophobe. The
    idea that he was sent by MI6 to punish Norway on behalf of the banks is
    just barmy.

    This man needs locking up. 

  2. archivesDave

    “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”…
    Sorry doc but the Feds & IMF have a few more jokers to prop up the house of

  3. Albert Grimsley

    Are you prepared? Or will you get caught off guard? Gold is not the only
    thing you should be stocking up on but it is the least perishable and will
    certainly gain buying power as it has been well proven to do. 

  4. watershed lover Bob

    We all know a false flag is coming a major US city will be nuked and who
    knows who will be blamed. Iran perhaps, but CNN and FOX will be the whores
    bringing the lies. It is all about the money.

  5. Scottish Gold

    Instead of bringing the Chinese on board with us as a solid partner we have
    forced them into the arms of Russia by our government’s provocative
    movements against them. We missed a good oportunity.

  6. toobphish

    TNX Greg and Dr. Willie, for this post! I have a sneaking suspicion that
    the Saudis have been told that if they welch on the petro-dollar, they will
    lose Mecca and Medina in one night, ala’ Baghdad!

  7. FridaySternShow

    Gold is for long term! So is silver extremely long term. If your looking to
    flip gold or silver in a year then it’s not a good investment. These fear
    pornstars we have tout every year it’s going up…well it went down lol.
    You do not wanna be going all in, what you wanna do is hord! Buy little
    bits every now and then and over time you saved a lot of money that pretty
    much does not effect your major savings. A better investment is some type
    of job or way or earning money that you can the use to invest. But you do
    not want to make your job buying a ton of silver hoping to flip it in a
    year. You also need to realize that silver is based in the economy and when
    it goes down silver will to. 

  8. Roger Thunderhands Gilbert

    All this talk of financial meltdown or as the old timers used to say a
    “crash” and the scenarios involved are to hard for the average man on the
    street to comprehend. It’s kind of like chinese arithmetic going through
    mexican teletype! Gold? No matter how much it doubles or triples or
    whatever has nothing to do with saving the average americans butt! They
    can’t afford it anyway! The minerals that man digs from mother earth will
    end up bringing him to his knees (i.e. Gold silver and oil!) Hopi prophecy
    spells out what will happen to those who have misused the natural resources
    and have misused their own physical being. It’s here now and everyone with
    a stake on the qoute: financial fields are running around with their heads
    cut off trying to figure it out! It’s simple! Emergence into the fifth
    world! Everything will go down and it will be quick,,,really quick!
    Economic reset? Laughs! Global reset is more like it,,,if we survive at
    all! I like dr. Jim Willie but I can’t count the times he said I don’t
    know! or I don’t know when this will happen. It is happening now ,,but the
    final blow will come overnight and nobody knows when that will exactly
    happen but it’s irrelevant in a way because people are hurting right now as
    the prelude to the inevitable is unfolding! RIGHT NOW! !

  9. jahnman420

    I like the interviews with Willie but I am not convinced anymore he really
    knows what he is talking about. I think he wants to sell newsletters and
    hey thats what its all about, making money.

  10. Nostradamia

    No country or investor has a motivation to see the dollar failing
    overnight. And, they work for this to be gradual process over a period of
    10 to 15 years. It could only get out of hand in case of a generalized

  11. SugarySweet100

    I signed up for Jim Willie’s gold investment newsletter years back. It
    performed TERRIBLY and his stock reco’s lost me around 50%…thankfully I
    didn’t invest a lot.

    Since then I’m very cautious about these guys who sound like they have a
    crystal ball, make references to shady ‘sources’, and promote their own
    gold-related services. 

  12. calholli


    keep them coming greg… look forward to these everyday

  13. Ernie Varitimos

    The reset or transition to the Yuan is a scary proposition. What will it
    feel like in America, when we are no longer looked upon as the leader, what
    will it feel like when we are economically AND culturally isolated? They go

    Is this possible, is it reasonable or even thinkable that China could
    replace the U.S. as the cultural mecca? Are we all going to have to learn
    Chinese? It all seems surreal.

  14. Marina A

    I love listening to Dr Jim Willie as his knowledge is so accute, however
    his voice is quite shrill and gives me a headache.. bless his enthusiasm!

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