Silver and Gold, Buy What the Wealthy Will Want to Buy

Silver and Gold, Buy What the Wealthy Will Want to Buy

Encepurdy’s stellar proof collection:
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25 thoughts on “Silver and Gold, Buy What the Wealthy Will Want to Buy

  1. SilverNauts

    Great Video! and I Agree! But also think what the middle class collectors
    are also wanting to buy, and that’s where the ATB’s Graded 70 is the best
    place right now I think. Look at the Mercanti 70 Smoky Mountains, release
    six months ago for $219-$249 from MCM and now you can get $500++ per coin.
    Also all the perth 1/2 and 2oz, those will ALWAYS double in price. his year
    alone there were over 10 succesful flips that anyone here could have taken
    advante of, wedge tails, version 1 of the Gairsoppa, baseballs, tokelau
    horses, snakes, Zeus, Poseidon etc etc etc….ALL of those where this
    year, with very minimun entry prices. By flipping those small items that
    the middle class wants you can get to the big leagues, like everything in
    life. Thanks for sharing the Dragon SUPER Jealous…!

  2. Pd Ballerina

    So what is the answer with modern silver bullion spotting including proofs
    in holders . You know my recent experience. Have every single coin
    stabilized by PCGS? That’s not cheap… 

  3. Sound Money Pirate

    Seems natural progress of stacking. Once your stack gets big enough then
    you start looking at limited collectables more. I think a lot of the buyers
    of these coins could be guys like us. When the prices of metals go up & we
    start to sell some stuff we could be the ones buying limited coins with
    that cash. I look for deals on these now but at these prices I am more
    interested in ounces. But with that said I did spend more on atb’s because
    I feel strongly the arches will do well. So it’s a balance like everything
    else. Beautiful coins you got there sir, thanks for sharing with us. I know
    what you are talking about as I had to suck up an ounce of gold to buy 3
    graded gold pandas instead of 4 ounces of gold. But I did it because I
    needed them for my set, and I never see them. So they showed up and I
    jumped on them. Happy I did, as now I don’t have to worry about those ones.
    I know they will only increase in value over time so not worried if I over
    paid. As I will never sell them for less than I paid, might sell them for
    as little as double but I doubt it. heheehe

  4. DiggingNorway

    You are right to keep away from the majority of the Flash-releases from
    Perth and stick to the three series you mentioned. The cheapest way to make
    a steady return from Perth is to every year get 40-60 pcs of the Lunar
    Series in silver 1ozt coins. They are hard to get backdated and even
    dealers will buy them from you at OK prices.

  5. Ismael Feneque

    Love your insight on earning currency via exclusivity.
    Take a look a the lunar skulls as these are the first of a 12 coin series.
    Mintage is 500 proof and 2000 BU.
    Happy Holidays to you and your loved!
    Great vids! Can’t wait on the next one!

  6. lanceoa

    don’t know the stats on that 09 kook, but just fell for the spiderweb. Been
    wanting to break into the nuggets with a small 87 nugget.. love the look of
    that natural lunker! I definitely try and find the stuff you speak of,
    finding a modern winner.. but also I get caught up on quantity and variety.

  7. Brian TheLog

    Boy the haters came out on this video. Now before they say anything numbers
    prove your point without you having to say anything. I was wondering what
    is your thoughts on coins in original packaging? I would think some
    original packaged stuff would fetch more than graded stuff. That libertad 7
    coin proof set looks wonderful. Wish i could get that set but not graded.
    Great video man

  8. Scottish Gold

    Silverfish, I saw something on your video here that made me take a second
    look. I also am a collector of the kooks. The ms70 kook that you displayed
    is a 2009. Uh….the image is actually of a 2008 kook with the spider web.
    I recognized that coin because it is one that I very much want for my
    collection. Something is very wrong here. Either I am way out in left field
    or you got ripped off pal. Please do let me know what you find out.

  9. MrVegiita

    The kind of stuff you are talking about requires one to be KNOW how to sell
    these rare coins. If you buy those old rare US coins, it can be like
    locking up your money IF you buy it at red book value. Who do u sell to if
    u need the money? Best to know who you can sell it to just in case.
    Dealers will never pay Red Book value. With rare Modern coin collection,
    that is a different ball park, as AA47 has said. I was interested in that
    PF70 Dragon coin too so you either have to fish for a raw coin and send it
    in and pray u get a 70, or buy one like the way you did. Excellent video

  10. silverhair stacker

    Sorry it took so long for me to watch this! Very interesting coins you
    show. I need to get in touch with Argent Agent 47 soon to see what the
    next big coin will be. I am sure he will have a good suggestion or two.
    It’s a pity that some are not taking the suggestions he gives. By the way,
    thanks for the mention in the video. I plan on holding the wedge-tails for
    a while longer to see how they play out. BSO said he was getting some of
    his graded.
    Good Luck and God Bless!

  11. lifelessperson1993

    You’re not poor, the fact that you have a plan, that you prep for the
    future and have a mindset that may propel you to success as evidenced in
    this vid imho, means you’re very rich… Rich is as much a mindset as it is
    having possessions… Sorry it just irks me to hear people call themselves
    schmucks, poor et c that in itself is enough to propel people into
    permanent poverty and only helps oil the sinister plans and events that
    surround you…
    That said I agree with you on this one, high premium stuff, things that
    people desire are gonna be of high value, Right on dude…

  12. gold maple

    silverfish VT I have a question. Hoping you can answer this one. Your
    friend, ARGENTPUR said that coins that do not grade well will be in demand
    like the Wedgetailed Eagle. How did he know which coins grade well and
    which coins don’t? Most people who buy coins, even those that have
    collected coins for many years like me, don’t know which coins will grade
    well and which won’t. Are you basically randomly buying a numismatic silver
    or gold coin and just hoping it goes up in value? I’ve bought some silver
    and gold coins, and not all have gone up in value. Some have actually gone
    down in value or their price has remained static. Low mintages for a
    numismatic coin do not always mean that the coin will be in high demand.
    How then does one really know what numismatic coin to buy that will really
    be worth big bucks in the long run?

  13. snoozyfloozy

    For what it’s worth, your channel does it for me and always has. We all
    have choices and I like yours, just keep putting out this great stuff.

  14. xcvsdxvsx

    If you are looking for what the wealthy are going to want someday it will
    almost certainly be gold. I wouldn’t even really bother in silver for that
    purpose. They will just turn their nose up at it. No billionaire is going
    to want to show his friends his *silver* coin collection. So when it comes
    to silver buy the 90% imo. But i think you make some strong points with
    gold. I mean if you are going to buy gold anyway, and you are getting these
    coins at the right time, around the years that they are being minted, so
    the premium is reasonable, than what’s the worst case scenario? you lose
    that premium? not a big deal. Go for it man.

  15. halfdollar1

    Wow that Morgan looks sweet. You can’t say the storm wasn’t going to
    follow you after this video Mr Lightening Rod 😉 But you shouldn’t
    underestimate some of these colorful critics, particularly that nice boy
    from Windsor. He’s very crafty and has a brilliance that not everybody
    sees; just give him time.

  16. Brian Madding

    Wow didn’t know so many people were against argent agent and so jealous. I
    know you are spot I with buying low mintage collectible coins. I was
    wanting to post videos but 99% of my coins are slabbed coins and don’t
    think this group likes or appreciates that. They just think and want to
    stack silver bars and rounds and only make what the market allows..anyways
    I have over 225 graded coins alone

  17. stillkeepin1

    Completing sets is important to me. I really understand the feeling about
    paying more for low mintage and highly sought after pieces. Feels much
    better to be on the other end. So far I have kept myself from showing any
    very high value and coveted pieces only for the reason that I dont want to
    let them go. I dont want any offers that I can’t refuse lol, so it goes
    both ways. This was the video I voted for.

  18. Harry Kraus

    “Schmuck” is a Yiddish word , which translated literally means “head of the
    penis.” This is definitely NOT you. As for some of the trolls on your
    channel, well, perhaps schmuck is an accurate characterization. Ban them.

  19. Richter Customs

    question is governments are fazing out cash money and switching to
    electronic money plastic or thumb scanning is silver and gold still going
    to be worth anything 

  20. Tom Samad

    It is a wise strategy to buy what the rich want to buy, but I would advise
    you not to adopt all their habits and attitudes. (I am sure you are aware
    of some of the more unsavory and detestable aspects of the world in which
    they occupy.)

  21. 999silver Moto

    Mr. Silverfish what are your thoughts on the base ball coin? should I pick
    one up or pass it up?

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