Students for a Free Tibet Canada confronts China Gold at the Toronto Resource Investment Conference

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Olympic Silver medal-winning track and field runner, Allyson Felix, sprints into the Young Hollywood Studio to talk about how she’s preparing to capture that…

31 thoughts on “Students for a Free Tibet Canada confronts China Gold at the Toronto Resource Investment Conference

  1. TheMightyGuri

    it is good but i think he should have let the man finished talking to the
    person before the confrontation, so he wouldnt have any excuse left and
    needed to listen next time? 🙂 hehe

  2. MrFreetibet

    If all the people show the commitment of this activists, Tibet would be
    free soon. China is a monster. We shoul boycott China in all possible ways,
    because today it’s Tibet, but tomorrow will be the rest of us. And the
    Chinese are the most racist people in the world. They see the rest of us as
    the nazis saw the Jews. FREE TIBET!

  3. DOMuricu

    I admire your commitment and your peaceful actions to publicise what is
    happening in Tibet. Just that the first few minutes of audio on this video
    are recorded far too close to the protestors chanting their slogans and the
    speaking voices of the two presenters are often indistinct. Otherwise great
    job and keep up your excellent work.

  4. Sonam Topgyal

    Free tibet. keep it up people. tibet will be free one day. i have been
    following SFT from quite a long time now. you guys are doing a great job.

  5. StarGyrl

    She’s my favourite 200m runner, she did well at London 2012, well done
    Felix ;-). She seems like a sweet girl too.

  6. Lakerfan88

    Allyson Felix is awesome and I officially have a major crush on her. Her
    future husband will be a very blessed man. She seems so pleasant and
    extremely cute!

  7. SabriyyahAWitter

    @SoulOVSteele that’s why she has 4 gold medals 2 silver and NO bronze how
    much do you have? 0? Thought so

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