Media Desparate to Downplay Gold Prices

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11 thoughts on “Media Desparate to Downplay Gold Prices

  1. shakaama

    See no one wants to watch these videos. I had planned to change the entire
    channel to finance, tax, insurance education and tutorials, but no one
    likes any of these videos. I had also planned to gather the info and make a
    99 cent finance tutorial video series.

    So, on to celebrity gossip.

  2. razorthought4

    gold is great to hold but , people who have a lot of gold Im speaking Of
    the really rich want to remove some of their money without making the
    market take a big dip and panic so what they do is start spreading bad news
    about gold and they take part of their money out , to cover themselves
    they use new money and short the gold meaning to invest in the fact that
    gold will drop they knowing it will because they are selling some of their
    shares and they get their money out and make money as they do so Slick!!!
    eventually they start talking gold back up and you will see the
    commercials on news stations that retirees listen to scaring them into
    putting their life savings in gold!!!

  3. bcooltrice

    Please! No more celebrity gossip! I have not visited your channel in a
    while because I have been looking at real estate videos and finance
    stuff….please! There is a need for this information. Let tmz handle the
    masses in their celebrity gossip… are better than that crap!!!!!!

  4. Jo S.

    I have over 45 ounces of silver…and few ounces of gold…and feel sooo
    much better…safer….

  5. XBlind-RoyaltyX

    Thank you for validating a safety net in this corrupt economy. Been keeping
    gold and silver at a %age of our portfolio. Wife and i went all in on land
    this year 8 acres at a discount. Thank you for keeping us sharp minded!!! 

  6. bcooltrice

    The media is trying to distract and confuse….BUY GOLD! There is a video
    about China buying up gold and encouraging all their citizens to

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