The Dark Knight Rises – Bane Hits the Stock Exchange (HD) IMAX

Bane hits the stock exchange to steal Bruce Wayne’s money. All material owned by Warner Bros. For entertainment purposes only. Buy the movie on Blu-ray.

25 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises – Bane Hits the Stock Exchange (HD) IMAX

  1. David French

    “This is the stock exchange! There’s no money here!”
    “Really, then why are you people here?”

  2. LostMercenary99

    The way Bane just says “thank you” so politely when he takes back his bike
    helmet. Makes me lose it every time I see it.

  3. FilmFlaw

    Am I the only one disappointed that we never saw Bane’s face?

    Yes, we saw Bane without his mask in a brief flashback, but that was just
    before he was beaten in the prison. 

  4. Patrick Miller

    This is a stock exchange, there is no money you can steal here. Really,
    then why are you here? lol

  5. Fernando Vasquez

    Like a boss 0:54 and after that walks in like he owns the place! That’s a
    true boss

  6. zLar01

    I really like how this scene was shot, the music gives a really soft touch
    to the scenes even with the tension of the situation, it felt like a
    different movie, shame about the rest. I got this vibe from “Inside Man”,
    the only missing thing was Denzel Washington

  7. SMck74

    Anyone notice when Bane’s men enter the exchange with guns in the air but
    they are not firing anything at all!?

  8. chadelvi

    This is the Stock exchange there’s no money you can steal. Oh really
    !!!!!!!!! then why you people here……. That’s exactly true, the wall
    street crooks deserve this.

  9. Admir Hamzic

    “Bruce Wayne is bankrupted after Bane and his minions break into the stock
    exchange, hold everyone there at gunpoint, and make fake trades in Bruce’s
    name using his (stolen) fingerprints. In reality, the major stock exchanges
    have the ability to quickly cancel trades if necessary and Bruce Wayne
    would have been easily able to get off the hook for those fraudulent
    trades. This is acknowledged in the movie a couple of scenes later when
    Lucius Fox tells Bruce that they’ll be able to prove fraud but that in the
    immediate short term, Bruce is bankrupted. This also assumes that the
    computer program wasn’t somehow inserting backdated trades into the system.
    Though that would presumably leave a trace, it would certainly take much
    longer to disentangle. The whole situation is played similarly to a robbery
    or large-scale embezzlement. It’s lampshaded by people on the floor.”

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