Gold Coast Hinterland Rainforest Walks

We head to Purling Brook Falls located in in Springbrook National Park, the track takes you along the top of the cliffs through open forest sprinkled with cy…

Annoying guy gets punched by street perfomer Now this is a street performer you don’t want to mess with! That guy was asking for it! A Gold Coast street perf…
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27 thoughts on “Gold Coast Hinterland Rainforest Walks

  1. 56music

    I think your vid shows lastly you were at what was once was known as,
    Natural Arch. I heard it is now closed to tourists or perhaps just closed
    to swimming? not sure, but very beautiful, went there about 30 years ago!

  2. Zaraki Kenpachi

    The guy who got punched was Australian. Please do not assume every white
    guy on the street is American. Its offensive to those who really are not

  3. Cathy Y. Taylor

    I remember when my Mom did something similar, only not as abusive, outside
    a wax museum in Gettysburg, PA. Needless to say, the guy scared the
    ‘you-know-what’ out of all of us! 

  4. Mackrel Burgess

    Cowboy! If i were u id have done the exact same. “I used to annoy street
    preformers like you, until i took an angry fist to the face

  5. Yazoo

    @Azeri8819 Learn to spell “tourist” you idiot asshole. What makes any of
    you think he was American anyway? Shit didn’t happen in Cali.

  6. queco jones

    The guy deserved ten more punches. That saliva could carry Hepatitis B,
    Tuberculosis and a hundred other bugs. By the way, Where’s the rest of the

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