Gold Coast Sevens: Seven of the Best tries

Seven tries from the Gold Coast Sevens, including by possibly the fastest man ever to play Sevens, America’s Carlin Isles (100m PB 10.13 secs), and Canada, E…
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25 thoughts on “Gold Coast Sevens: Seven of the Best tries

  1. Tempest Edits

    Such a stupid fucking comment. It’s rugby, man up and play the game right.
    Nasty cunts? Goddam your worse than stupid twelve year-olds on XBOX Live.

  2. Twala Pwani

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  3. meatmeat1105

    The only segment of the US population that really took to Soccer when they
    first started pushing it on us in the 70’s and 80’s, was little girls, and
    now the US women Dominate. Amongst men, Soccer is still a 3rd tier sport,
    and Americans see the sport as very much a game for small children and
    girls. You’d better pray Americans don’t take to Rugby, and our better
    athletes start playing. Imagine Isles at 6ft3 235lbs (107kg) and just as
    fast or faster. that’s what you find 1000’s of times in A.fb.

  4. James Edwards

    im guessing you’ve not heard of christian wade and hes a better all round
    winger not just got speed.

  5. James Edwards

    what I meant by all round winger is that his style of sprinting is use of
    agility, strength and tactics not just straight sprinting which most people
    think. thats why he could make the transition from 7s to 15s. And if you
    did your research on wiki or rfu website you’ll see wade is a former
    sprinter that developed into a international player

  6. TheSilatiger

    meat,sounds like your talking about jonah lomu,theres plenty of big fast
    men in the pacific teams,would be interestin to see a big usa team against
    say fiji,would they have the skills,the step,the passing ,its like
    basketball we have the size 7footers but not the skill level of the
    nba,also often its not the big fast guys but the small quick over 40 m that
    do the damage like cecil africa or du preez

  7. mcauslandrory

    He already has made the transition? He has played in three uncapped games
    and was second top try scorer last year in the premiership. wikipedia for
    rugby players it’s useless. Wade is a sprinter in that he WAS good at
    athletics for his age. Look up his time on poweroften. Isles is a sprinter
    in that he has sprinted against Nesta Carter etc… That’s men vs boys he’s
    a second faster than him over 100, maybe do your research..

  8. Helios Bios

    @Alex Creech Yeah but not much skill I’d prefer to mark him then one of
    those fijians or Dan norton

  9. XenatR

    i think i actually prefer sevens to the full squad… things just seem to
    move faster having more space etc… far more entertaining

  10. meatmeat1105

    Most NFL players are excellent Basketball players. It’s rare that NFL
    players were not also dominant in another sport, and sometimes elite.
    Wrestling, Basketball, Baseball, Track&Field, Skiing, etc.

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