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For full episodes of Gold Rush, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/discoveryfulleps Jack Hoffman reveals the team’s latest clean up results. | For more Gold R…

25 thoughts on “A Major Milestone | Gold Rush

  1. comm744

    Let me guess, you are a white weak collar worker with a useless job and
    could not feed yourself unless mommy cooked for you?

  2. Dan Benkert

    Well why hide behind your fake internet name if your so proud? Now your
    also a tree hugger ? These guys are not destroying wildlife. Alaska Dept of
    Fish and Game would be all over these guys. This is private land they are
    mining just like your home you claim to own!! Your bragging of your
    education is simply a cover for the true loser you are after all if your so
    fucking sophisticated why are you watching this video and arguing with
    every person ???

  3. Dan Benkert

    Your a complete asshole who didn’t bother to watch the video at all. I know
    all about Business expenditures the costs of running a business. Didnt you
    here Jack say that everything from here on out will go in there pockets??
    Fuel vehicles the investor from last year is paid for. The hard work that
    they put in will all go in there pockets now. Obviously your not an
    accountant and obviously you’re a troll because you did not even bother to
    watch the video. Ive read your Red Neck comments PIG!!

  4. Dan Benkert

    Obviously you have no clue what The Contract is The Hoffmans have with the
    Discovery Channel per episode. How do you think Todd was able to purchase
    1million Dollars worth of equipment ? The banks certainly are not loaning
    people money who have lost everything!! With the way America is right now
    all a college Education will get you is massive student loans you can not
    pay off!!

  5. resqfireman1

    That just seems like a hell of a lot of work for small flakes of gold. Ive
    watched the show from the beginning, and the gist is this: Jack Hoffman is
    dangerous and should never be around, let alone operate, heavy equipment.
    Todd is a shit leader and a moron Thurber is a whiner. Dave Turin, Chris
    Dumatt, Fred Dodge and Greg Remsburg are about the only guys that seem to
    have any brains on the show. The Dakota boys at least know how to mine, and
    Parker Schnabel needs to go away.

  6. cbohar84

    This is the only video I ever watched of this dumbass show so how could I
    judge otherwise…even then you havent accounted for taxes which will take
    a big share of the pie, land leasing fees if applicable, any benefits such
    as health insurance and workmans comp (which is likely very high for this
    occupation), SSA payments to the Govt, fuel costs, as mentioned etc. so
    obviously you took “will go into their pockets” a little too literally…ad
    the other crew, the investor is ready to pull the plug

  7. cbohar84

    At least Im not destroying the environment for the sake of profit. If it
    wern’t for the Discovery Channel buying all this equipment they would be in
    the welfare line with everyone else…this is the kind of things high
    school dropouts do to survive, I have three degrees in Accounting and NO
    student debt as I paid if off years ago and am doing well for myself, once
    the gold dries up these guys are up shit river without a paddle

  8. Dan Benkert

    I would like to apologize for the way i spoke earlier thats not really me.
    I think the US economy will tank. The Federal Reserve Bank who damn near
    bankrupted this country in 2009 just to show its power was disgusting and
    they should all be arrested. You are correct they print money on cotton its
    not based on anything and I think you probably know Fort Knox is empty. We
    are living in scary times to say the least.

  9. Cairy Hunt

    There not even rednecks, idk where u got that from but ok….. it’d be cool
    if they were though

  10. cbohar84

    What I mean is that gold and silver have only a limited supply on this
    planet, but US dollars can be printed into infinity…all it is is cotton
    and ink…and the US dollar (and most money for that matter) is backed by
    nothing but the faith of the Government who issued it. Zimbabwe tried to
    solve their financial problems by printing gigantic sums of money and
    inflation skyrocketed beyond belief…I once bought a Zimbabwe 100 Trillion
    dollar bill for five dollars…a carful balance must be struck

  11. Dan Benkert

    You do not follow the show at all. The investor wanted to pull the plug 5
    shows ago and that was all Drama. Do you really think hes anything more
    then a guy who spent 100grand? Thats it nothing more he just wants a
    return!! This is the Number 1 show on Cable TV on Friday Nights do you have
    a clue what that means? CASH Todd will become a very wealthy man more
    because of the show then the Gold found!! You are uninformed and should not
    comment on this page. Your not an accountant either!!

  12. Dan Benkert

    You really think that Todd provides health insurance? Your a complete joke!
    Each one of the workers are probably considered subcontractors they are on
    there own!! Gold is considered a commodity its not income!!!

  13. Dan Benkert

    Yes when sold it can be taxed but what I think is nice about Gold is it
    make be worth twice what it is worth now next year. But then again if The
    Economy does not change and we go further and further into recession which
    I believe we will then Gold nor a dollar will be worth a thing. Bread ,
    Water Gasoline things that can be used will be traded Currency has no value
    in a collapsed economy and if The US goes the world goes!!!

  14. 589eric

    They need to clean out more…they CAN’T get one clean out in a week…they
    NEED to clean out more often. Atleast one time per day….

  15. cbohar84

    I KNOW how much gold is worth, you stupid dumbshit. But apparently you dont
    know anything about profit to expenditure ratios…if this guy spent a
    million dollars on equipment, guess where most of that value of gold is
    going to…his creditors…now do me a favor McDonalds worker…screw off!
    You have the gall to call me a loser when I probably acheived ten times
    more in life than you ever will,..your comment are laughable…you suck at
    life…go AWAY!

  16. Dan Benkert

    Oh what an asshole you truly are !! They pulled 137 ounces out of the
    ground in one clean up they are on there way to 1000 ounces they are over
    600 ounces now do you have any clue how much money that is you should your
    a CPA A Certified Public Asshole!!! Its at $ 1649.73 an ounce lets see how
    good your Accounting skills are!!

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